Woman transplanted six bodies

Woman transplanted six bodiesIn the Swedish hospital conducted a rare transplant six of donor organs. The woman, whose name is not called, the transplanted liver, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, intestines and kidneys. She got organs from a single donor. They were removed completely and stored outside the body for five hours, which, according to surgeons, a little. Transplantation was performed in the hospital Sahlgrenska (Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg (Gothenburg). This 18-hour operation was the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. Several such operations were performed in the United States. However, in the same hospital a few years earlier five year old girl transplanted five organs was performed and several multi-organ transplants. How to tell the surgeon Michael Olausson (Michael Olausson), you will need a few weeks to talk about the success of the operation. "We lost three of previously operated patients, but others feel good. Even a little girl now lead a normal life," he added. According to doctors, to patients with similar condition without transplants do not survive more than one or two years. Mednovosti.ru.

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