facilities Kuban will help Crimea "deal with avian influenza

facilities Kuban will help Crimea Avian influenza has long "walks" around Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States and some regions of Russia. A few weeks ago foci of its distribution found in Ukraine. Today is a dangerous virus detected in several settlements of the Crimea, neighboring Krasnodar region. According to experts, the South of Russia, including Krasnodar region, this winter may be the center of the spread of a deadly virus. The greatest risk are wintering habitat for wild birds. From them at risk of catching the virus and poultry. And its on poultry farms, poultry farms and the population of the region contains almost eighteen million. To prevent avian influenza, in the Kuban region already hosts a number of quarantine measures. Special attention is given near the Ukrainian border areas. Tightened control over imported into the territory of live poultry, poultry products and animal feed. Carefully inspected hand baggage, as a possible source of transfer of pathogens. The complex of these and other events are held in all seaports and airports Kuban, as well as at railway stations. Meanwhile sanitary services conduct tests and laboratory tests on poultry farms and other enterprises that contains poultry. The observance of sanitary norms and rules has been tested to 1.5 thousand enterprises in the region. On today identified 400 violations. To resolve them, the activities of more than 30 of them suspended. Tests have shown that most businesses do not have valid desbrieres, changing facilities, missing or insufficient amounts are available disinfectants. This was stated by head of the Federal service for sanitary surveillance in the Krasnodar territory Alexander Fontanetti at the meeting in the regional administration, dedicated to the prevention of avian influenza. According to him, some careless leaders materials even passed in the courts and the Prosecutor's office. In this regard, the Governor of the region Alexander Tkachev law enforcement officers "to be tougher on those who failed to take care of the safety of its citizens". "Strapwhite them, punish to the fullest extent of the law", - said the head of the region to the participants. But most participants are worried about the lack of or very poor condition places for collection of biological waste. Not all regions and enterprises responsible person know what to do in case of detection of foci of infection. So began an active outreach with the heads of municipalities and local experts. However, according to a source in the regional administration, in the Crimea from Krasnodar can be directed specialized mobile teams of specialists in pest control, who are ready to assist neighbors in the detection and destruction of infected birds. The authorities of the Crimean autonomy does not exclude the possibility of combating infection joint efforts in the case, if the lesions spread of avian influenza will take in the coming days in the Crimea rampant," says the source. RIA "New Region"".

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