Friends from enemies separate genes

Friends from enemies separate genesThe impression of the appearance of a person depends on how he is perceived - as a friend or as an enemy (or just "detractors"). And Vice versa - the man with pleasant or friend appearance it is easier to perceive as a friend. This is the conclusion of psychologists from the University of macmasters in Canada. As shown they carried out experiments in which scientists have modeled different ways of communication and interaction of people, people are more inclined to "perceive" the interlocutor as a friend or partner if his face resembles the face of their good friends. And Vice versa - the faces of people with whom participants interacted as "partners" or "friends", is perceived as "cute" and "similar". Interestingly, scientists believe that at the heart of this phenomenon are not features of human psychology, and... genes. It is a kind of "genetic similarity" and explains the ability of people to not completely objective perception of each other, which manifests itself at various levels - ranging from the psychology of communication and to the perception of appearance. KM.RU: Health.

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