Nicotine adversely affects the learning process

Nicotine adversely affects the learning processNicotine adversely affects the learning process French scientists within six weeks daily was administered to rats weak solution of nicotine. Subsequently, the "smokers" in rats by 50% decreased the number of neurons generated in the area of hippocampus - part of the brain that is involved in the process of remembering. Simultaneously, in the same part of the Central nervous system has lost a lot of cells. It is not clear exactly how nicotine kills the neurons. Earlier studies show that contained in tobacco smoke the venom can trigger the apoptosis is a cell suicide in young, immature neurons. According to French scientists, cell death can occur not only mediated but also other parts of the brain. However, the obtained results do not allow with full confidence that nicotine leads to memory impairment. Scientists say that the brain contains a large number of redundant cells, if necessary substituting missing. Source:xterra and Madlena.Ru.

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