The acid-alkaline balance and rules of healthy nutrition

The acid-alkaline balance and rules of healthy nutritionIn order for the body to function properly, it must be supported acid-base balance, even desirable slightly alkaline environment (it contributes to the normal metabolism in the body. What does it depend on? Food during processing in the gastrointestinal tract splits neutral connection, weak acids and alkalis. Part of their rapidly destroyed and eliminated from the body, and the remaining oxidizing have or exert alkaline effect on the state of the internal environment of the body. Foods on this principle are divided into "acid", "alkaline", "neutral". The alkalization of the internal environment of the body contribute primarily vegetables, fruits, milk. The most strong oxidant are meat and fish products. At offset (even minor) acid-base balance in the acid side in the body tissues precipitate and settle down difficultly soluble salt of uric acid. Deposition occurs not only in the muscles and the skin, internal organs, joints of the limbs and spine, but also on the walls of cerebral vessels, leading to narrowing, reducing the elasticity of the walls and as a consequence - to the disruption of the blood supply of the brain, lack of nutrition of the nerve cells. As a result, the increased irritability, headaches, memory loss, insomnia, from which man is formed of chronic discomfort..

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