Criminal abortion

Criminal abortionHundreds of thousands of years ago people found the mind and is raised above the animal world. Cognitive abilities have led to the fact that people thought about a birth control, that it was invented abortion is a relatively simple way to get rid of the love comfort. Until the early 20th century, all forms of abortion were banned. In the era of our grandparents abortion produced in medical institutions, were legalized, and those which were produced actually pregnant women, quacks and doctors out of the medical establishment remained outside the law. From the point of view of modern Russian legislation criminal (illegal) considered abortion made by a person without medical certificate in the specialty "obstetrician-gynecologist". I.e. if hospital, health center or rural hospital pregnancy will terminate a certified medical specialist, not a gynecologist, it will be qualified as a crime. But on the other hand, if the obstetrician will be asked to perform an abortion in the barn of his own giving, it is a violation of the law it will not be. In my private correspondence with readers often there are questions about how to independently terminate the pregnancy in the early stages. And now on to the numerous requirements of the Russian youth, I will talk about is available in the everyday life of the methods of abortion and the irreparable harm that these cause. The first popular method is described in detail in the novel A. Pristavkin "children of the Arbat" is the General effect on the body. To cause podozvanije woman takes a hot bath or shower, alleyway themselves mustard. In some cases, manipulation cause uterine contractions and miscarriage. The same methods include washing the period of 10 - 12 weeks of pregnancy ceilings, long shaky ride, intentionally falling on his stomach, for example with Cabinet, compression of the uterus hands. The danger lies in the development of uterine bleeding that is difficult to stop. Depending on the method of self-abortion mortality female mortality) varies from 25 to 40%. The second method of getting rid of the sexes passion - introduction into the uterus of solid objects: pens, pencils, knitting needles, long feathers, wooden sticks, bugey (metal studs to extend natural holes), catheters. Along with the introduction of solid objects particularly smart person injected from the syringe, the ball syringe and other improvised means in the uterus of various liquids. Uses a variety of substances: alcohol tincture of iodine, a solution of potassium permanganate, vinegar, soapy water. A possible result is blood poisoning, chemical burns, purulent inflammation of the internal genital organs. In the best case, removing the uterus, the woman manages to save a life, though she will not be able to have children. In 30-60% of cases the fairer sex just die. The most advanced lady take hormonal drugs or poisons. Where the common man to know what the concentration of the drug can cause miscarriage, often experienced gynecologist will find it difficult to answer. And born children with multiple congenital malformations, doomed to suffer all your life. From complications of criminal abortion will allocate 8 main: 1. Blood poisoning due to violations of the rules antiseptics 2. Purulent inflammation of the internal genital organs (endometritis, oophoritis) 3. The piercing (perforation) of the uterine cavity 4. Infertility 5. Uterine bleeding that cannot be stopped outside the clinic 6. Poisoning medicines, poisons and other substances introduced into the uterine cavity. 7. Chemical burn of internal genital organs 8. Death from the air entering the cavity of the heart and large blood vessels through the damaged veins of the uterus Conclusions: criminal abortion thing is extremely harmful, so think about protection from unwanted pregnancy before the onset thereof. Well, if you think it is already too late, there's no way not attempt to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. Sorry, if You are in the Prime years, through our own stupidity, go to the other WORLD. Moreover, in in the direction of female consultations in the framework of the program of obligatory medical insurance, you will be presented with the opportunity, FREE of charge to terminate unwanted pregnancies..

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