In the fall of hair thinning

In the fall of hair thinningIn the fall of hair thinning In the cold season hair grow slower. And require constant attention and care. Most often in the autumn of our hair suffers from two main problems - intensive loss and enhance education dandruff. The dermatologist and trichologist (specialist in diseases of the hair) Elena Ilchenko said: the reason that the hair is "showered" in the season of colds, are often transferred inflammatory diseases - influenza, colds, sore throat. Weakened General condition of the body, the hair follicles too weak. All the forces of the body thrown on the fight against infection, and hair just do not "get" useful substances. If you are ill with the flu, and then three weeks you desperately "grow" hair, this is not to say that your hair is in danger. Need to strengthen the immune system and help your hair to recover by using a nourishing mask. But if after a month, despite all the rubbing and poultices, you lose hair more than ever - go to the experts. Sometimes takes up to 20 research! How often in practice, the problem with the hair - the outward manifestation of large disorder in the body. Maybe it's a signal that banal flu gave a complication, you domiciles as it should and the body wandered "wandering" infection. Actually dandruff is a natural process of removal from the scalp dead cells. But trouble begins when the among the most skin cells begins this pestilence. An increased amount of dandruff may indicate a variety of problems in General health: the pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, intestinal dysbiosis), endocrine disorders, fungal skin diseases, emotional disorders (stress, depression), poor diet, allergic reactions. The actual cause Lбелой scourge¦ can be set only after a comprehensive examination by physicians of various specialties. If your trouble is caused by microorganisms, it is necessary to use medicated shampoos containing antifungal components - zinc, tar, ketoconazole. Well, if scales are not so many, you can apply cosmetics dandruff shampoos that contain various vitamins and slow down the process of cell renewal of the scalp. Source:

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