Rectal fistula

Rectal fistulaRECTAL FISTULA - abnormal passages formed in the wall of the rectum, usually in morganievyh crypts, and ending up in paraproctium (incomplete internal) or more open to the skin around the anus (full outdoor). The pathogenesis. After spontaneous or surgical opening paraproctitis message rectum is maintained due to the constant infection and scar-affected tissues around the hole in the lining of the rectum (in the crypt). The symptoms for. With full external fistula on the skin around the anus or on the buttocks exhibit one or more pin holes to seal the tissue around and continuous or intermittent separation of mucus or pus and maceration of the surrounding skin. Digital examination of the rectum allows you to define a funnel-shaped hole in one of the crypts (internal opening of the fistula). With incomplete internal fistula patients experience the feeling of a foreign body in anus, pain, periodic discharge of mucus and pus from the rectum, irritating the skin around the anus. In both cases, the violation of the outflow from the fistula recurrence of acute inflammation with his peculiar symptoms (pain, fever, chills, and others). Fistulas are not inclined to heal and usually not amenable to conservative treatment, especially with regard to complex fistula, passing through the muscle fibers anal sphincter or bend around it (the TRANS and ekstrasfinkternye fistulas). Surgical treatment. The prognosis for life and disability in most patients is favorable, especially after a qualified surgical treatment. Long-existing fistula can lead to complications of a General nature, which are associated with chronic suppurative process. Sometimes there is a malignancy of the fistula..

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