SARS in China has not yet even reached its peak

SARS in China has not yet even reached its peakThe head of the world health organization, Gro Harlem Brundtland stated that the epidemic of atypical pneumonia has ended in Vietnam and went on the decline in Canada, but in China it has not yet reached its peak. In Beijing officially announced, what a day in the country registered a total of 138 cases of atypical pneumonia, 8 patients died. Until now it was believed that SARS often ill older people with poor health. At the Beijing medical different, almost shocking statistics. Now in the Chinese capital 70% infected in age from 20 to 50 years. This means that the deadly virus is a new goal: he chooses the socially active part of the population. According to the official, the total number of cases and deaths has increased. But now dies fewer patients per day than before, and the doctors rarely infected. The situation has changed recently, after around the capital gained a new hospital. Every night from urban clinics there take cases of atypical pneumonia. Definitely on the list, and under the protection of police cars. The press calls him "the epitome of the strong will of the party and government". Built in just over a week the soldiers of the Chinese army, the hospital has a thousand places. Outside of ordinary reinforced concrete structures. Inside clean, the beds, the thermos with boiling water and army personnel. Every doctor in addition to the normal salary gets hazard pay - fifteen hundred dollars a month. Around, at a distance of two kilometers, we declared a dead zone, said the Colonel. Entry and entry is strictly by permit only. Any uninvited guest will be detained and quarantined. In the area round-the-clock staffed by nurses. They destroy rats and mosquitoes. To prevent the spread of the virus, all the drains on the object undergoes triple disinfection. According to the woman, now many people are afraid to get sick. From here to the hospital to go about an hour. But locals are constantly on the alert. Aliens detained copy of their passport data, and then still not allowed in the village. The police task more difficult. They protect the main reservoir of capital, which, by all indications, has already moved into a state of siege. "We will win under the leadership of the party and government" - convinces the townspeople poster. [First channel].

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