Massage in some diseases

Massage in some diseasesCosmetic massage in some diseases of the scalp When dry oily The result of improper care of hair and scalp is dry seborrhea. In this disease there is hair breakage, they lose their Shine and silkiness. Often hair loss is as a result of dry seborrhea. Sometimes on the surface of the scalp scurf, which is a lot of white dry flakes. The treatment prescribed by the doctor can be combined with massage of the scalp. In the preparatory phase should be performed parting: it is necessary to make the ridge, gradually moving from the center of the forehead to the nape, and then proceed directly to the massage techniques. One of the techniques used when massaging the scalp is stroking. This technique should be performed pads of four fingers of both hands. You must place your fingers on the middle and produce a soft stroking motion along its length in a direction from front to back, gradually the intensity of the movements should slightly increase. The strokes need to be repeated several times. This technique can be performed with two hands, and one, or alternate them. Rubbing is a technique that is widely used for massaging the scalp. The area of the scalp near the middle, you should place the fingers of the left hand, fixing thereby the skin. Then with your index and middle finger should hold the rubbing of skin area located in the region of the parting. Movements should be performed in a semicircular direction with the help of spaced fingers. Reception it is recommended to repeat 3-5 times. The following trick is kneading. Throughout the area of the parting of the tips of four fingers to produce pressing movements and thumb to perform light stretching of the skin in different directions. Along with the above techniques are used to massage the scalp applied vibration. The tips of the four fingers are light intermittent motion. Motion slide across the site of parting 3-5 times. All the tricks (rubbing, kneading, vibration) should be performed in alternation with the stroking. Using all the above techniques, it is necessary to perform the massage on the entire surface of the scalp, etc to perform the movements should be done at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. First of all Cutlery you need to perform in a shared direction and then in the cross, there will be a total of 8-10. At the final stage of the massage should be light shifts of the scalp from front to back, and then in the opposite direction. Massage is best done in combination with a neck massage. Session duration - 15-20 minutes. If baldness When hair loss massage scalp is better to carry out, without exposing the skin. Movement should be smooth and made in the direction from the parietal area down and back and then to the lymph nodes, which are located in the back of the head. Along with medication and phytotherapeutic treatments baldness use these massage techniques: stroking; rubbing; pressure; the puncturing; effleurage. Stroking is performed in the direction from front to back and from parietal to the skin behind the ear. When it uses the techniques of bow superficial and deep strokes produced two hands. Parallel to this is grebneobraznoi stroking the scalp, which is produced both arms arranged parallel or sequentially. Movements should be performed in the direction from the front of the head to the occipital and temporal parts. If baldness is applied rubbing, made with spaced fingers semicircular movements. Using this technique, you massaging not only all the hairy surface of the head, but the muscles of the forehead, neck, ears. The pressing is carried out as follows: two sides of the head need to clasp hands and perform a light pressure. Four fingers of both hands held puncturing, which is produced on the hair surface following the sequence. Throughout the hair of the head surface is effleurage, which is held in turn by the fingertips. At the final stage is deep stroking. Is it from the opposite sides of the head by the back sides of both hands in the direction from the temporal areas around the arch over the ear. Massaging should be completed by light stretching of the soft skin of the skull in the direction from front to back, and then in the opposite direction. Each technique must be performed alternately flat and bow stroking and be done 3-5 times. Massage should be done within 5-10 minutes, while a number of techniques can be reduced..

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