Woman accidentally gave aborted her fetus

Woman accidentally gave aborted her fetusIn English the hospital mistakenly gave the woman together with things aborted her fetus. Nurse at Manchester Royal infirmary (Manchester Royal Infirmary) found that in a plastic bag that says "property of the patient", is the clothing 22-year-old patient who was admitted to the hospital due to the beginning of a miscarriage. The young woman didn't even know she was pregnant until she started spontaneous abortion. The period of her pregnancy by the time was 8 weeks. After a miscarriage a woman wanted to transfer to another institution - St. Mary's hospital (St Mary's Hospital), in connection with which it had issued personal belongings. Opening one of the packages, the woman found a dead fetus. The leadership of the Manchester Royal hospital brought the woman and her 23-year-old boyfriend apologize and start the investigation of the incident. It is assumed that the fruit was placed in service after it has been aborted by the patient, not to injure her psyche in the operating room. How in the future this package went to the nurse and then to the woman remains to be seen. It should be noted that this is not the first and not the only case when there are such misunderstandings. In the same British 14-year-old invalid mother after miscarriage doctors from Bishop Auckland Hospital gave her 11-week fetus on one day home, as a result, he was kept in the refrigerator in the house of the girl's parents. And in the Australian hospital discovered the theft of the stillborn child, and after two days of searching it turned out that he was put in the wash with the dirty linen. BBC News (Russian text Mednovosti.ru).

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