LiposuctionThe essence of the operation is a surgical correction of the contours of the body by removing fat deposits. Using vacuum suction through a small skin incisions remove local fat deposits. Readings Local forms of obesity in violation of the contours of the body (most often in women occurs "California" deformation thighs, fat deposits on the inner lateral surface of the knee joint, fat in the thigh, anterior and lateral surfaces of the abdomen). Generalized forms of obesity. When conservative methods of treatment (diet, drug therapy, fitness and others) is a serial liposuction in order to eliminate not only the elimination of violations of the contours of the body, but also to reduce the body weight of the patient. Usually the effect is always improved when combined treatment is the use of liposuction, diet, and fitness. By eliminating a huge number of adipocytes fat cells and reduce the inflow of fats in the body are able to achieve the best effects. Lipoma (a benign tumor of fatty tissue). Liposuction can, as a rule, to remove the tumor with a low density. Other procedures. For example, during the tummy tuck liposuction can be used as an auxiliary method for facilitating the detachment of the subcutaneous fat layer. When rejuvenating operations in the face liposuction eliminates local fat on cheeks, mandibular and submandibular areas. Restrictions 1. Liposuction does not help with cellulite and stretch marks. 2. Liposuction is largely limited by the extensibility of the skin at the site of the procedure. Stretching reduces the contractility of the skin as well as sagging can limit the amount of fat removed. Anesthesia Local anesthesia can be used with small volume (1.5 to operations when local forms of deposits. Use the lidocaine solution. General anesthesia is when you eliminate fat in 3 or more areas and in large volume. Equipment operations Through small skin incisions length 1-1.5 cm injected with isotonic sodium chloride solution (NaCl 0.9% physiological solution) with adrenaline. Recent drug causes spasm of the blood vessels and prevents the development of hematomas during and after surgery. Using a cannula (a thin metal tube with a diameter of 2-4 mm and a length of from 10 to 30 cm) placed under the skin and attached to the vacuum suction is performed liposuction. In one session it is possible to remove from 1.5 to 5 liters of fat (small volume 1.5 - 2.5 l, a large amount of 2.5 - 5 l, more than 5 l is very large). The surgery is completed by imposing beauty of the seams on the skin incisions. Results The immediate outcomes of liposuctio evaluate in 2-3 months after the state normal tissues, decreases swelling, there is a healing. The final result can be seen in 6-8 months after surgery. In most cases, liposuction allows to correct the contours of the body. In many ways, the results depend on the experience of the surgeon. Common complications of liposuction are rare, these include: Fat embolism - the distribution of fat particles in the blood and blockage of their blood vessels. Is a very rare complication that usually occurs in combined operations - abdominoplasty and liposuction. Embolism - blockage of blood vessels by blood clots. Anemia (anemia) may develop due to extensive surgery and blood loss, including insufficient effect of adrenaline on the blood vessels. Local complications: - Formation of irregularities of the contour of the skin and recesses - The accession of infection - Violation of the outflow of fluid from the operations on the lower extremities - Disturbance of skin sensation - Hemorrhage - Necrosis of the skin and tissue in the area of operation - Recommendations When you remove fat more than 500 ml usually before and after surgery, prescribe antibiotics to prevent infectious complications. In the postoperative period, patients are advised to wear a special mesh or tight stockings that squeeze the skin together operation. Sutures will usually be removed in 7-10 days. Emerging scars, usually invisible to others, as usually applied a special technique for mapping graikoi. Immediately after surgery you may experience pain and disturbance of skin sensation in the area of operations. For the treatment of pain is normally used analgesics (aspirin, paracetamol). Dmitry Krasnozhon.

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