Scientists have calculated how much human life

Scientists have calculated how much human lifeThe assertion that human life is priceless - no more than a populist language. Actually the price is, moreover, quite impressive. Analyzing data on illegal trade in human organs, about the price of transplants and some medical rehabilitation technologies, the German weekly Focus came to the theoretical conclusion that the human body is worth 45 million dollars. Yes, theoretically, it is more expensive than Beckham. However, in real life people may not be worth it, but be profitable to others. "They are well aware of pharmaceutical companies conducting illegal experiments with drugs in Africa". In 2001, a group of Nigerian families sued Pfizer. The charge that pharmaceutical concern refuted: Pfizer allegedly studied the effect of a new drug on children without complying with the necessary precautions. Certain reasons for this. Assessment New England Journal of Medicine, each day of delay to market a new drug costs the firm-the manufacturer of 1.3 million. An interesting case is associated with the discovery of the gene that evoke a rare disease - elastic pseudoxanthoma (Pseudoxanthoma elasticum). In this disease, some fabrics such as leather, very quickly lose their elasticity. The discovery of the gene has attracted interest from manufacturers of creams against wrinkles. And the Italian couple, Terry, have two children affected by the disease, fought for that gene was patented, and the proceeds were directed to the study. So far unsuccessfully. To assess the life intended the courts to assess the extent of damage in the event of death or disability. The first link in the chain - the examining physician. "We wait a few months after the incident. When they appear all the consequences, we assess the damage," says Giusto Giusti,, forensic doctor from the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The data is then submitted to the court. "There are table explains the Antonella Loncari, associate Professor of law, University of Trieste, which links the percentage of disability with the amount of compensation". In Russia a similar system - the amount of compensation depends on the "percentage of disability". In Italy, in addition to physical damage (confirmed by a forensic doctor), the judge may admit and moral damage or existential damages, compensation for which you can get even heirs. When a person who has suffered damage, forced to abandon the work, compensation for loss of earnings is based on the income information for the previous year. Depending on how healthy he or ill, the subject will receive a different amount. At least, according to the insurance companies. La Repubblica (translation InoPressa).

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