Multiple sclerosis can be transmitted

Multiple sclerosis can be transmittedMultiple sclerosis can be transmitted Multiple sclerosis, which in the UK suffer from 85 thousand people, perhaps, is an infectious sexually transmitted disease. This is indicated by the results of a recent study. Data on the prevalence of this disease in different countries indicate that it is more common where sexual promiscuity treated more favorably, and there where a lot of young men, for example, in military operations. Multiple sclerosis has become more common in young, sexually active people, writes the Independent. A study by Danish scientists, showed that the incidence has increased since the introduction of the sale of birth control pills, resulting in a women stopped using mechanical means of contraception. For its part, the American experts found that six years after the advent of the contraceptive pill, the incidence of multiple sclerosis has doubled. This new theory was offered by a consultant physician Essex neurological center Christopher Hawkes. As proof of his theory, the hawks led the fact that the incidence of multiple sclerosis in children under the age of 16 years is three times higher in girls than in boys, which, according to him, probably due to the sexual abuse of children. "The majority of victims of sexual violence - female ratio of three to one. The fact that in childhood multiple sclerosis is more common in girls, confirms the theory about the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases," he writes in the Journal of Neurology. Other experts have subjected it to criticism, calling the offensive. Professor of neurology, University of Cambridge Alastair Compston called this statement "harmful and offensive, especially for those whose families registered several cases of such diseases. The hawks also points to the increase in the incidence of multiple sclerosis for the last 50 years. In the Orkney and Shetland Islands from 1954 to 1974, i.e. after arriving there 20 thousand British troops in 1940, the incidence has increased four times. Similar growth was observed from 1945 to 1954 and in Iceland, where he is 50 thousands of allied soldiers, as well as the Faroe Islands. According to Hawkes, multiple sclerosis rarely observed among people living in isolation - physically or culturally - from the "white" population, for example, among the aborigines, Maori, Inuit, Norwegian Sami and indigenous South Africans and North Americans. The hawks did not argue that multiple sclerosis is betrayed exclusively sexually transmitted. He just wants to say that genetic factors increase susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases and affects the nervous system. He hopes that his hypothesis opens a new direction of research in the field of neurology. Source: Inopressa.Ru.

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