In Russia will be to treat yogurt and cottage cheese

In Russia will be to treat yogurt and cottage cheeseIn Russia will be to treat yogurt and cottage cheese On the days international United Nations prize and gold medal 'For outstanding achievements in the field of Informatization of the world community' was awarded the doctor of medical Sciences Alimento Taseevo, the chief doctor of the Central sanitary and epidemiological Inspectorate of the city of Karachaevsk, said on Friday the newspaper 'Izvestia' . He has developed a series of products for mass diet and treatment of atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal and other common diseases. Their development Professor taubai presented to the UN in new technologies and was awarded the highest award. In the processing of meat and dairy products high-value proteins lose their properties. Professor learned how to save and enrich the final products. A graduate of the Moscow medical Academy Alimorad Takei together with his students from the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia University specifically for children, athletes and weak people have developed a series of products, enriched high-grade protein and polysaccharides. These drinks, cheese products, nutrient mixture, 'energoplastic' (product for parenteral nutrition) to help in the rehabilitation of seriously ill and malnourished people. For healthy people also created a series of products. So, in dairy products added Apple pectin, which displays the body of many harmful substances. And manufacture of sausages modified by the addition of milk protein with vitamin C. It is allowed to halve the number of sodium nitrite substances traditionally used to improve the appearance of sausages, additive, which is considered to be potentially hazardous to health. These developments have been used on many domestic enterprises. Doctors from the USA, Canada and several other countries are also showing interest in the development of a Russian scientist. Scientific research continues and believes that medical foods can even help in the fight against while difficult medical treatment of allergic diseases and diseases associated with hormonal disorders. Source:

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