British doctors want to check for chlamydia all

British doctors want to check for chlamydia allBritish doctors called "shameful" delaying the introduction of screening of the population for chlamydial infection. At the conference of the British medical Association, the government is urged to treat the issue of implementation of this program as to the question of paramount importance. As noted at the conference, chlamydia is the most common in the United Kingdom, a sexually transmitted infection. In 2001 in hospitals throughout the country were diagnosed with 70,000 cases of infection is 10% growth compared with the previous year. Often leaking unnoticed, chlamydia can cause infertility in women. Dr. Howard Bernes (Howard Barnes), who took the initiative to accept the appeal, noted that the absence of a national program led to a mass of uncoordinated efforts. He criticized the government for what they have started several pilot programs, but can't take the plunge and create a running program screening. This occurs despite the fact that the screening has proven effective, - said the scientist. - The government has found 16 million pounds on a new strategy for sexual health and chlamydia is just one of the areas that need work. But thanks to the screening, we could reduce the number of inflammatory diseases and infertility". The appeal, which is expressed "regret shameful delaying the adoption of a national screening program", at the conference was accepted without any objections. Mednovosti.Ru.

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