Silicone brain will help science

Silicone brain will help scienceOn the background of the conflict between the scientists and the French government experience Steve Olivier from the University of Manchester looks especially impressive: with family British colleagues, he created a robot that can advance scientific hypotheses, experiments, and then to compare the results obtained with these hypotheses and to propose new ones. In short, the robot scientist who will never rebel against his Minister. "The idea is to create a computer model and to provide it with all knowledge," says Steve Olivier. His car was already able to find out the functions of the various genes of the yeast fungus. "We have compared the results with the work of real scientists in terms of speed and cost of the materials used. It turned out, the robot does everything better than the man". Читать полностью -->

the Rind from the watermelon helps fight hypertension

 the Rind from the watermelon helps fight hypertensionKuwaiti Professor and specialist in nutrition Abdalla Hashim advises everyone not to rush to throw watermelon rinds. He argues that it is the rind of watermelons helps fight hypertension and heart disease and kidney failure. "Cores" and suffering from renal failure people Professor advises to cut with watermelon peel and boil it for five minutes. Then only three times a day to drink a tablespoon of the resulting tincture, and after a month the result was not slow to affect. NTV. . Читать полностью -->

Rabies in animals

Rabies in animalsRabies in animals Rabies is an acute viral disease common in wild animals - wolves, foxes, jackals, and foxes and rats. Of Pets, they can get sick dogs, cats, cows, horses, sheep, pigs. More than 80% of cases of rabies comes from the dogs. Rabies is transmitted to humans by the bite or saliva on the broken bone integuments and mucous membranes. The causative agent of rabies virus that has penetrated into the animal or human body, affects the Central nervous system and salivary glands and adrenal glands. The disease begins after 3-6 weeks after infection. Читать полностью -->

Main sanvrach Moscow has criticized plans epidemiologists

Main sanvrach Moscow has criticized plans epidemiologistsThe chief sanitary doctor of Moscow Nikolay Filatov criticized the proposal for universal vaccination of the population of Moscow against influenza, put forward a number of leading Russian epidemiologists. According to Filatov, in order to slow or even stop the spread of the flu should be vaccinated only so-called risk groups of people, for one reason or another, the most susceptible. And which are now active promotion of mass vaccination, which is supported, for example, representatives of the research Institute of vaccines and sera, Mechnikov or some representatives of regional departments of health, aimed, according to Filatov, primarily to increase the profits of the company "Aventis Pasteur, supplying the Russian market with the flu vaccine. KM.RU: Health. . . Читать полностью -->

Vaccination against seasonal flu can protect and bird

Vaccination against seasonal flu can protect and birdAccording to the Director of the research Institute of influenza, Russian Academy of medical Sciences Oleg Kiselev, vaccination against influenza And the common vaccines can help prevent the spread of avian influenza among humans: "the less we will be sick with the flu, the less likely the "humanization" of avian influenza. Of course, the problem of cross-immunity exists. However, vaccination is necessary. Another question, how and to what extent it will affect the human body resistance to avian influenza virus," added the Director of the research Institute of influenza. He also noted that currently, the world health organization and the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation adopted a decision on temporary finalization of the vaccine against avian influenza. Грипп.RU. Читать полностью -->

Magnetic storms kill more people than car accidents

Magnetic storms kill more people than car accidentsDuring magnetic storms twice increases the number of heart attacks and strokes, acute cardiovascular disease. To feel worse and can absolutely healthy person. Because magnetic storm - and even stress. According to experts, may 2003, their efforts yielded only one may - 1952. Scientists say this with confidence: the geomagnetic measurements have been conducted since the mid-nineteenth century. The source of life and troubles As a rule, from all months, one of the most abnormal is may. Читать полностью -->

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