Pancreatitis chronic

Pancreatitis chronicCHRONIC PANCREATITIS (pancreatitis see acute Surgical disease) is a chronic inflammation of the pancreas. It is found usually in middle and old age, more often in women. Distinguish between primary chronic pancreatitis and secondary, or supporting, developing on the background of other diseases of the digestive tract (chronic gastritis, cholecystitis, enteritis and other). In chronic can go a prolonged acute pancreatitis, but more often it is formed gradually on the background of chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, or under the influence of haphazard irregular meals, frequent eating spicy and fatty foods, chronic alcoholism, especially in combination with a systematic deficit in food proteins and vitamins, penetration of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer in the pancreas, atherosclerotic vascular lesions of the pancreas, infectious diseases (especially in infectious mumps, typhoid and typhus, viral hepatitis), some worms, chronic intoxication with lead, mercury, phosphorus, arsenic. Pathogenesis: delayed allocation and intraorganic activation of pancreatic enzymes trypsin and lipase engaged in the autolysis of the parenchyma of the gland, reactive proliferation and scar shrinkage of the connective tissue, which then leads to hardening of the body, chronic disorder of blood circulation in the pancreas. In the progression of the inflammatory process are important processes of autoaggression. Читать полностью -->

Siamese twins Hurting and Tanya did not live up operations division

Siamese twins Hurting and Tanya did not live up operations divisionSiamese twins Hurting and Tanya, born in East pakistanall Punjab province, died, having reached the age of six weeks. The cause of death was liver failure. According to Dr. Munaza of Betula, girls were total liver and heart. Their mother, Salmi Bibi, brought girls in a small, poorly equipped local hospital as soon as the babies began fever and vomiting. Since the birth of the twins suffered from digestive problems, and the doctors tried by all means to help the girls gain weight. Читать полностью -->

Pioglitazone inhibits further intimal proliferation within the stent

Pioglitazone inhibits further intimal proliferation within the stentIn patients with diabetes type 2 diabetes undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting, pioglitazone inhibits further intimal proliferation within the stent. This was reported in an online article in the August issue of the American Heart Journal. Enhanced proliferation neointima after implantation of a coronary stent leads to a higher incidence of restenosis in patients with diabetes. However, as shown by preliminary experiments, pioglitazone inhibits the proliferation of smooth vascular myocytes and reduces intimal hyperplasia after balloon injury of the coronary arteries. Dr. Tsutomu Takagi and his colleagues (Cardiology Clinic Takagi, Kyoto, Japan) examined 44 patients with type 2 diabetes who underwent bypass surgery and receiving conventional antidiabetic therapy. Читать полностью -->

the Most harmful substances found in vegetables and fruits

the Most harmful substances found in vegetables and fruitsToday at the first scientific-practical conference "Regional policy of healthy nutrition and micronutrients in the formation of public health" Department head factor surveillance food regional MCSEs Alexei Lavrentiev said that the health of the population of the Sverdlovsk region is exposed to risk due to the high content in soils of lead, cadmium, arsenic. "As demonstrated by our studies in the cities of Yekaterinburg, Sredneuralsk, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Kushva, Krasnouralsk, our soils are excessively full of harmful chemicals and compounds cadmium, arsenic, lead. For example, in Krasnouralsk the level of lead in children's blood exceeds the norm by 5 times, and this is an extremely high figure. So through vegetables and fruits growing on our land, we get 90% of harmful substances," said Alexei Lavrentiev. ["Information Ecology"] . . Читать полностью -->

Hawthorn from arrhythmia

Hawthorn from arrhythmiaHawthorn from arrhythmia 5 hawthorn flowers pour a glass of boiled water, close lid and heated on water bath for 15 min, cool, filter and add liquid volume to 200 ml Drink ? Cup 2-3 times a day before meals for 30 min in atrial fibrillation.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Every five seconds in the world fades one person

Every five seconds in the world fades one personEvery five seconds in the world fades one person Yesterday marked the world day care vision. As noted in the press-centre of the world health organization, this day is celebrated with the purpose to attract the attention of all governments to the problems of blind people and to ensure that all who suffer from eye diseases, access to health services. According to who, about 80% of cases of blindness could be avoided if patients optometrists have received the necessary treatment. About 180 million people worldwide are visually impaired, about 45 million are blind. Every five seconds in the world fades one person. Every minute on Earth becomes blind child. Читать полностью -->

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