Tablets for heartburn lead to food intolerance

Tablets for heartburn lead to food intoleranceAustrian scientists have found that the popular tablet from heartburn (antacids) may cause food allergies, reports BBC News. The researchers believe that this is due to a direct effect of antacids - reducing acidity of gastric juice. In normal conditions the acid reaction of gastric juices necessary for proper digestion of food. Thus, when taking antacids, food can get into the far sections of the gastro-intestinal tract in an "unusual" undigested and cause allergies. In the same way there is allergic to products that people haven't tried before. His immune system is tolerant to the food, which is a normal diet, but reacts violently to new dishes. Читать полностью -->

Deficiency of vitamin B

Deficiency of vitamin BDeficiency of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Hypo - or riboflavins occurs when a lack of vitamin B2 in food violation of its absorption in the intestine, absorption or increased destruction in the body. Riboflavin is found in many foods of animal and vegetable origin. The daily requirement of an adult is 2-3 mg In the body, Riboflavin, interacting With ATF forms of flavanone and fleminginkatu involved in the regulation of redox processes. When ariboflavinosis occurs cellular hypoxia. Riboflavin is involved in the implementation of the visual function of the eye and the synthesis of hemoglobin. Читать полностью -->

Sakhalin hospitalized patient with suspected SARS

Sakhalin hospitalized patient with suspected SARSOn Sakhalin with suspected atypical pneumonia admitted to hospital today 21-year-old resident of the city of Vakhrusheva on the East coast of the island. This was reported by a source in the regional center for disaster medicine. Having recently arrived in Sakhalin from the military unit in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai. The young man turned to the clinic with complaints of malaise, which felt even may 17. When examining a patient he had identified a number of signs of a dangerous disease. With suspected atypical pneumonia he was immediately hospitalized in the infectious Department of vahrushevskij hospital, located about 40 km South of the city of Poronaisk. Читать полностью -->

Las Vegas struck by a mysterious disease

Las Vegas struck by a mysterious diseaseOver 1200 visitors of the hotel-Flamingo casino in Las Vegas, in Nevada, were hospitalized due to an unknown disease. The symptoms of the disease resembles the flu, but it is accompanied by severe headaches and a full stomach. Currently, doctors Clark County, where Las Vegas, trying to find out whether there is something in common among sick people: stay in the same room, eating in the same restaurant or attending the same show. The hotel closed 200 rooms. Local doctors are doing everything to prevent the spread of the virus to produce disinfection casino and hotel including Banquet halls, toilets, the location of phones, service and conventional elevators, reception of visitors. To prevent a larger outbreak, which may cause significant harm to the economy of Las Vegas, the city authorities are taking measures to sanitize all gambling establishments, public places and even in urban transport. Читать полностью -->

Ministry of health promised to encourage the Russians for taking care of their health

Ministry of health promised to encourage the Russians for taking care of their healthAt the last Board meeting, the head of health and social development Mikhail Zurabov said that the government is considering the possibility of stimulating the population to undergo medical examination with discounts on medications. Medications may be cheaper for those Russians who are in good faith to be screened every two years. Stimulus plan to use next year in the framework of the national programme for the health sector. If using a reward system can bring to clinical examination, more and more people, this will have a current passport health of the Russian Federation", Zurabov said. However, the head of the health Ministry did not specify the size of discounts. Next year the Government plans to test the health of almost 20 million people in Russia, what budget will be allocated two billion rubles. Читать полностью -->

Vladivostok due to SARS detained vessel "Dope""

Vladivostok due to SARS detained vessel The Russian authorities were forbidden to go ashore the sailors of the ship "Dope", arrived from the Chinese port of Nanjing in Vladivostok. These measures were taken because of a suspected infection of one of the sailors by the SARS virus. According To "Газета.RU"". . . . Читать полностью -->

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