New holiday China - "the Day the angels in white""

New holiday China - Chinese authorities introduce a new annual celebration of the birthday of Florence Nightingale - thereby giving tribute to nurses who are currently at the forefront of the fight against the virus source. In the country they are called "angels in white". Medical workers of the DPRK is 20 percent more than 5,000 people who are affected by the virus severe acute respiratory syndrome (source). Three of them died as a result of infection obtained in the workplace, has been awarded the honorary title of "Guardians of the public health". In this celebration, which will henceforth be celebrated on the birthday of an English girl, in the XIX century became the founder of the service, which served as the prototype of the modern Institute of nursing, President of the DPRK urged the doctors to put "enormous effort" to combat the source. He also reminded that the virus remains a serious threat, so health care workers must be careful, caring for the sick. Читать полностью -->

Damage to the wrist and hand

Damage to the wrist and handWhat is the mechanism of injury and leading clinical manifestations of fracture? The mechanism of injury is a fall on the hand. The patient have severe pain at the site of the fracture with Displacement of bone fragments strain the wrist joint. The volume of the joint is increased by the outpouring of blood. Movement sharply limited and painful. What is emergency aid to the victim? You must sidirovat fracture, put the tire from the base of the toes to the upper third of the forearm. In severe pain, administer 2 ml of 50% solution of dipyrone.. Читать полностью -->

Developed high-speed method of teaching herbal medicine using Internet

Developed high-speed method of teaching herbal medicine using InternetDeveloped high-speed method of teaching herbal medicine using Internet In recent years, the popularity of medicinal plants is growing steadily. Therefore, patients are increasingly turning to doctors for advice about the effectiveness of herbal medicines and their compatibility with traditional medical methods. But in those days, when the current assistants were students in medical and pharmaceutical colleges virtually no courses dedicated to herbal medicine. To help colleagues not to lose face, a pediatrician from children's hospital Brenner Kathy Kemper proposed an original technique that allows doctors without considerable investment of time to learn how to heal with herbs and prescribe dietary supplements. The method of "speed training" doctors are quite simple. Camper has developed a series of model answers to questions on the topic of "medicinal plants". Читать полностью -->

Sperm can be dry for future use

Sperm can be dry for future useProblems of reproductive health has led to a relatively wide distribution of "helper" methods of conception. But used still storage method of male germ cells is not cheap. Sperm samples frozen with liquid nitrogen in special installations and stored in laboratories. In Saudi Arabia has developed a new method of storing sperm. It is dried under conditions preventing ingress of dust or germs. After "restore" these sperm almost motionless, but it doesn't matter for one of the methods of in vitro fertilization. Читать полностью -->

In middle age, even the worms suffer from weight

In middle age, even the worms suffer from weightIn middle age, even the worms suffer from weight Studies have shown that even worms, reaching middle age, getting fat and weak. When is the youth, their muscles are weak just as muscles and most people at the age of forty or fifty years. The researchers used worms as a model for studying basic biological changes in living organisms. Discovery will shed light on how the process of aging animals and humans. It may seem that the nematode is a very strange object for studying the aging process of the human body. Its length is one millimeter, the life expectancy of one month. Читать полностью -->

Global warming will soon kill thousand people annually

Global warming will soon kill  thousand people annuallyThe world health organization has predicted that by 2030, from the effects of global warming will die 300 thousand people annually. According to who experts, mostly it will affect developing countries where people cannot afford air conditioning, and in the environment and foods at higher temperatures will be better preserved pathogens. Now, according to who, the global warming indirectly causes 2.4 percent of all intestinal infections and 2 percent of malaria cases. Global warming will also worsen the health of people in developed countries. Europeans, for example, due to high energy prices are not set in their homes air conditioning, although this requires climate. In addition to increased mortality among the consequences of heat, which was in Europe last summer, doctors detect various diseases including disorders of the activity of the kidney, caused by dehydration. Читать полностью -->

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