In Los Angeles want to ban the sale of soda drinks in public schools

In Los Angeles want to ban the sale of soda drinks in public schoolsIn Los Angeles want to ban the sale of soda drinks in public schools Members of the school Board in Los Angeles County in California, controlling the learning process more than 700 thousand students, achieve a comprehensive ban the sale of soda in schools beverages. This is because, according to doctors, soda drinks contribute to the development of diabetes. In the territories of primary schools in the district already forbidden to sell. On Tuesday scheduled a vote in the legislature to ban the sale of soda drinks in schools for pupils of middle and senior classes, RIA "Novosti". So far the only state in the United States, which is completely forbidden to sell soda drinks during the lunch break in public schools, is Texas. Source: Читать полностью -->

more dangers - the longer the life

more dangers - the longer the lifeIn the 1950-ies Peter Medawar, Nobel laureate, put forward the hypothesis according to which, the organisms that live in a "hostile" environment (for example, they are threatened by predators and diseases) are developing faster than organisms, life and health are not endangered. Researchers from the University of California proved this hypothesis. They conducted a series of experiments with aquarium fish guppies. Experiments have shown that fish living in the aquarium with a large number of predators, faster, more active bred, showed more movement speed and reach larger sizes. Paradoxically, such fish lived longer than their relatives in absolutely safe aquariums. РњIGnews. Читать полностью -->

What is Qi and how to handle it

What is Qi and how to handle itQi is the vital energy, without which man would not be able to be healthy, to live a full life. The Chinese call it "cosmic breath of the Dragon". But let the colorful expressions of Chinese and try to understand where we can take this Qi, and how we can use it. Qi is everywhere. This is the difficulty in measuring it using any devices. Try being on the bottom of the lake, to measure how much water is in a half Cup. Читать полностью -->

Varicose veins

Varicose veinsIn the initial stage of varicose veins can be cured, putting on the legs rolled several times cushion blanket. Before going to sleep, lying on his back, doing leg exercises. One of the best "bike". Make an infusion from the leaves of nettle. Take a glass in the center and in the evening, while adhering to a lacto-vegetarian diet. From the flowers of acacia cook on alcohol or vodka tincture (1:3). Читать полностью -->

How to wash hair

How to wash hairOf great importance in hair care has respect for their purity. Hair is very easily contaminated. Losing their luster, color changes, they become sticky, bad fit. Poor air flow to the scalp and the heat from the hair contribute to the development of microbes. Should regularly wash your hair with water and soap at least once in 6-7 days (for healthy hair). Water for washing your hair should be soft, nice hot temperature (38-40'). Читать полностью -->


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