GalactosemiaGALACTOSEMIA is an inherited disorder, which is based on metabolic block to the conversion of galactose into glucose. Etiology, pathogenesis. Galactose from food in the composition of milk sugar - lactose, undergoes phosphorylation, and is formed of galactose-1-phosphate; its further transformation when the disease does not occur due to an inherited defect of the key enzyme of galactose-1-phosphate uridyltransferase. Galactose, galactose-1-phosphate accumulates in the blood and tissues, exerting a toxic effect on the Central nervous system, the liver, the lens that determines the clinical manifestations of the disease. The type of inheritance galactosemia autosomal recessive. The clinical picture. Читать полностью -->

Bashkir scientists working to create a vaccine against hemorrhagic fever

Bashkir scientists working to create a vaccine against hemorrhagic feverBashkir scientists working to create a vaccine against hemorrhagic fever Bashkir scientists for more than a year conducting research of haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS). This, in particular, was discussed at last today in Ufa conference "Tools in XXI century" dedicated to the declared in the Republic the President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov current year as the Year of sport and healthy lifestyle. As reported at the conference Director of the Institute of biology, Ufa scientific center, Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Elza Khusnutdinova, the genome of the virus fever by now have been read by a group of researchers of the Institute under her leadership, and now scientists are close to creating a genetic vaccine against this disease. Moreover, the Institute is active in research a person's predisposition to HFRS. Perhaps, soon, scientists will be able to answer the question of why one person develops this disease and another does not. According to Elsa Khusnutdinova, each person has the so-called sensitivity genes and resistance genes. Читать полностью -->

Teach yourself health

Teach yourself healthTeach yourself health It is well known that the word can be cured or deeply hurt. Words or thoughts penetrate into the brain (in our Central computer) quickly and with virtually no interference, unlike drugs. The effectiveness of verbal impact on health since ancient times used traditional medicine. Russian traditional medicine is widely used therapy in various diseases (and not only when illness) in the form of plots, and later in the form of prayers along with herbal medicine, Russian bath and bonesetting. There are many Wellness prayers, when the believer refers to any Saint for help in various diseases. The particular way is the most effective form of auto-suggestion. Читать полностью -->

Abuse lemonade threatens bone fractures

 Abuse lemonade threatens bone fracturesIncreased intake of adolescents carbonated soft drinks leads to lower bone density and increased risk of fractures in girls. These conclusions are made on the basis of the survey 1335 boys and girls aged 12 to 15 years. Density heel bone girls abusing diet sodas, was significantly lower than in the control group. Boys, this dependency is not detected. Scientists believe that this fact can be explained by the fact that diet soft drinks displace from the diet girls substances containing necessary to maintain normal bone structure. Interestingly, Cola and diet drinks do not have a significant impact on bone density, however, the glucose contained in these foods contributes to obesity. Читать полностью -->

In Russia will be to treat yogurt and cottage cheese

In Russia will be to treat yogurt and cottage cheeseIn Russia will be to treat yogurt and cottage cheese On the days international United Nations prize and gold medal 'For outstanding achievements in the field of Informatization of the world community' was awarded the doctor of medical Sciences Alimento Taseevo, the chief doctor of the Central sanitary and epidemiological Inspectorate of the city of Karachaevsk, said on Friday the newspaper 'Izvestia' . He has developed a series of products for mass diet and treatment of atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal and other common diseases. Their development Professor taubai presented to the UN in new technologies and was awarded the highest award. In the processing of meat and dairy products high-value proteins lose their properties. Professor learned how to save and enrich the final products. A graduate of the Moscow medical Academy Alimorad Takei together with his students from the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia University specifically for children, athletes and weak people have developed a series of products, enriched high-grade protein and polysaccharides. Читать полностью -->

Circulatory system

Circulatory systemBlood circulation is vital for our health. The blood carries all over the body with oxygen and other nutrients, delivering them to each cell, and carries away the waste products of cells. Without good blood circulation, we simply would not have the fuel to produce a sufficient amount of energy needed by our body. In countries with a fairly cold climate, many people suffer from poor blood circulation, and this is often followed by a weakening of the immune system. Disorders of the circulatory system can occur in diseases of the heart or blood vessels; heart disease to self-medicate, of course, impossible, and in any other serious or long enough not passing painful conditions of the circulatory system it is best to consult a doctor. For example, angina is not that other, as a spasm of the heart muscle, the cause of which is the narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries. Читать полностью -->

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