Every tenth citizen of Ukraine HIV-infected

Every tenth citizen of Ukraine HIV-infectedEvery tenth citizen of Ukraine HIV-infected By 2010, the number of HIV-infected people in Ukraine will reach almost 600 thousand people. And this is the most optimistic forecast, says the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of social studies, Alexander Yaremenko. By order of the British Council in Ukraine, he said, the Institute has analyzed the socio-economic basis for the spread of this dangerous disease. In the best case every year from AIDS will die on average 43.5 thousand people. When the developments in the worst-case, the number of infected people by 2010 will rise to a million in mortality from human immunodeficiency up to 90 thousand people per year. On 1 November in Ukraine, according to official data, HIV-infected nearly 50 thousand people sick with AIDS more than 3 thousand In "the five" cities, where most patients, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Simferopol and Nikolaev. Читать полностью -->

"Viagra" contributes to HIV infection

Frequent use Viagra or other drugs for the treatment of impotence may contribute to infection with sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection. This conclusion was made by scientists from the Department of health San Francisco. As shown by their polls, in which participated as people with traditional sexual orientation, and homosexuals (which also often use Viagra or similar products), many of them had to go to the doctor about inflammatory diseases of the genital organs just after they started to use the "Viagra". In addition, doctors have identified at least 10 cases of people using Viagra, HIV-infection, in which the cure contributed to the development of the disease. "At the moment we cannot explain the link between drugs that improve blood circulation in the sexual organs and sexually transmitted diseases, said Dr. darlin Wade, the head of this research. Читать полностью -->

Women best live in Sweden

Women best live in SwedenThe most favorable conditions of life are given to women in the Scandinavian countries, according to a study conducted at the initiative of the world economic forum in 58 countries around the world. In the final list took first place in Sweden, and it includes Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. The purpose of the study is to find out in which countries women have the most complete access to various spheres of activity. Countries in which the situation of men seems to be the most preferred, occupied the lowest place in the list. The Interfax news Agency.. . Читать полностью -->

Scientists have shown that fatigue is contagious

Scientists have shown that fatigue is contagiousIn recent years, doctors are increasingly talking about chronic fatigue syndrome, which, as research has shown, suffer hundreds of thousands of people. Constant weakness, lethargy and decreased performance turned out to be symptoms of the real disease. And, it turns out that this disease can even be passed from one person to another. As shown by studies conducted by experts from the University of St Etiene (France), responsible for a significant part of the cases of chronic fatigue syndrome is an infection of the human body specific enteroviruses, affecting muscle tissue. When the virus penetrates not only in normal muscle, but also, for example, in the myocardium, which leads to dysfunction of the heart. "The most unpleasant thing in our discovery is that if the chronic fatigue syndrome . Читать полностью -->

Feel tired? Go to the bath

Feel tired? Go to the bathEnjoy visiting the baths is especially great in the winter when the human body are in "hibernation" - fabric insufficiently supplied with oxygen, muscles lose their tone due to the lack of movement. In addition to General health, bath is one of the most effective methods of prevention of arthritis, radiculitis, myositis in the period between attacks. Bath procedure increases the supply of oxygen to tissues, contributes to a more efficient allocation of toxins, has beneficial effects on muscle tone and gives elasticity to the skin. Pairs well prepares the body to massage: warm the muscles, joints and blood vessels become more receptive. Massage prepared bath body increases blood flow, increases the metabolism, gives the joints flexibility, calms the pain.. . Читать полностью -->

Treatments for diseases of the ear

Treatments for diseases of the earHow to hold the infusion drops in the ear? Infusion drops in the ear produce a pipette. When gnetaceae pre-clean the ear canal from pus. Drops of warmed up to body temperature, as cold drops may cause dizziness and even vomiting. Patient is placed on its side, the opposite side of the backfilling. Ear pulling in adults backwards and upwards, in children down to straighten the external ear canal. Buried 6-8 adults, children 5-6 drops, finger several times press the tragus to enhance the penetration drops to the eardrum. Читать полностью -->

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