Sex replaces plastic surgery, says -year-old Joan Collins

Sex replaces plastic surgery, says -year-old Joan CollinsSex replaces plastic surgery, says 69-year-old Joan Collins For 69-year-old British actress Joan Collins sex is one of the best and most inexpensive means of rejuvenation and correction of beauty. In an interview with BBC World Service famous actress, who is now in fifth marriage, said she was never a fan of plastic surgery, reports Reuters. "I think that liposuction and tightening - it's a complete nightmare, after so many health problems," said Joan. After this, the actress was awarded unflattering epithets their colleagues ("she's got a face like a doll"). "You see how they (the actress in the same age - differ from me," said Joan Collins, presenting his new book "the Way of Joan" - "Joan''s Way -- looking good, feeling great". Collins added that she always thought sex "the best and cheapest way to keep youth and beauty". Читать полностью -->

all inhabitants of the Altai region suffer from caries

all inhabitants of the Altai region suffer from cariesAll the population of the Altai region has caries. Such a disappointing conclusion scientists Altai state medical University. Their research showed that caries damaged teeth even two-year-old kids, and for adults 65 years part with half the teeth. The main reason for this, experts say, is the poor quality of drinking water. It lacks fluoride. In the prevention and treatment of dental caries in 2 million 600 thousand people in the region could help the fluoridation of drinking water, but it funds from the regional budget is not provided. Читать полностью -->

Neurosurgeon put the Impressionists your diagnosis

Neurosurgeon put the Impressionists your diagnosisAccording to published research, done in the style of impressionism paintings by famous artists could be the result of their poor eyesight, namely, nearsightedness, or myopia, BBC News reports on Friday. According to the Australian neurosurgeon Professor Noel Dan (Dan Noel), there is a possibility that suffering from myopia artists who saw the world the same, found each other on this soil. "They all saw slightly vague, and impressionism, in a sense, is based on this," says the Professor. He believes that myopia in varying degrees, suffered by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Pissarro, Matisse and Rodin. Vision problems may also explain the commitment of the Impressionists to the frequent use of certain colors, for example red. Myopia is guilty of the softness of the lines, the lack of details, and in preference trembling shades of color in the paintings of many artists, says Dan. Читать полностью -->

"test-tube babies" are no different from the usual

Children born from in vitro did not differ from their peers who were born naturally. Swedish researchers examined hundreds of these children born in the five countries of Europe, and found that their physical and psychological development, morbidity and behavior correspond to the values obtained during examination of the comparison group. For a long time there were disputes about what the technology of in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection, which has been used for 25 and 11 years, respectively, can have a negative impact on child development. Especially a lot of fear was associated with the second method, in which when the needle of a single sperm to be injected into each egg. Scientists have found that at the age of five children, appeared thanks to the help of doctors, growth, weight, morbidity, speech skills, intellect were the same as their normal peers. It was noted that the behavior problems they met more often, and that the birth of such child did not mean a higher level of stress for parents. Читать полностью -->


SarcoidosisSARCOIDOSIS is a systemic disease of unknown etiology characterized by the formation in the tissues of granulomas consisting of epithelioid cells and isolated giant cells of Pirogov - Langhans type or a foreign phone Granulomas of the same type, rounded ("stamped"), clearly distinguished from the surrounding tissue. Unlike tuberculosis tubercles no caseous necrosis. Sarcoidosis occurs predominantly in young and middle aged, slightly more often in women. Affects almost all organs, mainly the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, spleen, rarely, kidney, skin, eyes, bones etc. the Most frequently observed lesion of the respiratory system. The symptoms for. Читать полностью -->

Blindness will be treated spinach

Blindness will be treated spinachAmerican scientists have reported that begin to develop a new method for treating blindness, based on the use of: substances found in ordinary spinach. It is assumed that they can be used to repair retinal cells capture light and transform it into nerve impulses. As shown by preliminary experiments conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (Tennessee), the pigments contained in spinach, in many respects similar to the photosensitive pigments included in the photoreceptors of the retina. Researchers intend to develop a methodology for their selection of this plant, and then create a drug that can be used in ophthalmology. "Pigments spinach theoretically able to restore vision in people, the sick, for example, pigmentosum by pigmentosa is a disease in which there is a partial degradation of the photoreceptors of the retina and which are not subject to treatment," commented Dr. Alan bird, the representative of the ophthalmic hospital, Moorfields, which, most likely, will take part in these studies. Читать полностью -->

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