The catarrhal omphalitis

The catarrhal omphalitisWhat are the characteristics of the flow catarrhal omphalitis? Catarrhal omphalitis is characterized by moist umbilical wound, prolonged healing, serous or scanty serous-purulent discharge, drying to brown, after the falling away of which remain small sores; at the bottom of the umbilical wound sometimes there is overgrowth of granulation. Overall condition is satisfactory, body temperature normal, in the analysis of peripheral blood variance no. What treatment is prescribed to the patients? The treatment is treatment of an umbilical wound first with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to remove detachable and brown, then 5% potassium permanganate solution or a 2% solution of brilliant green.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mass poisoning of school children in the Omsk region

Mass poisoning of school children in the Omsk region23 student rural village school Irtysh Cherlak district of Omsk region admitted to the district hospital with a diagnosis of salmonellosis". According to preliminary data, the teenagers were poisoned cakes in the school cafeteria. As reported in the Omsk Department of Rospotrebnadzor, eggs intended for making cakes were purchased by employees of the dining room from the hands of private entrepreneurs without documents confirming the quality of products. In today time, the investigation into the case involved the prosecution Cherlak district. RIA "New Region"". . Читать полностью -->

Parsley freshens head

Parsley freshens headParsley freshens head When approaching holiday or family celebration, you c head go in the hassle: zapasaytes products. vegetables, fruits, all kinds of food and herbsВ·.Bake pies, prepared salads, And often from all the hassle your head starts to burst from the pain. What can you do? Accept his tablet He in a hurry! Because y You have a wonderful natural cure for headache. This is parsley, which You bought for the holiday table. Take 2-3 bunch of parsley, put them in a pot, pour hot water and boil for 2-3 minutes. After that give a little to infuse and cool. Читать полностью -->

Birth outside the hospital

Birth outside the hospitalWhat are the most frequent causes of sudden labor? Birth outside of a hospital setting (home, road, etc) are more common in preterm pregnancy or at term pregnancy in nagaragawa women. In these cases, births usually occur rapidly. What are distinguishing signs of preterm labor? As usual, birth begins with the occurrence of regular contractions. When premature birth and birth in nagaragawa women fight from the very beginning have intensified. Against the background of good labor mothers leave the amniotic fluid, that usually indicates a sufficient or complete disclosure of the cervix. Following this, the mother begins to push and soon a child is born and the placenta. Читать полностью -->

South Africa promise to start the treatment of AIDS

South Africa promise to start the treatment of AIDSThe authorities of South Africa, the country with the largest number of HIV-infected citizens, took the decision to start the program for distribution of antiviral drugs. The Ministry of health has already received the order to prepare the implementation plan, which it must prepare and submit by the end of September. Activists combating HIV/AIDS welcomed this decision, which, according to them, finally gives hope to 4.7 million suffering from disease of the population. "We think it's the best news in the last few years," said Zaki Ahmad (Zackie Achmat, head of group Treatment Action Campaign, who is himself HIV-positive. The decision to proceed with the distribution of drugs was taken at a special meeting of the Cabinet on which the report was heard on the possible ways of treatment of an infected part of the population of South Africa. The report contains a recommendation to adopt rules developed by the UN, the basis. Читать полностью -->

Regular use of antidepressants can reduce the number of suicides

Regular use of antidepressants can reduce the number of suicidesRegular use of antidepressants can not only improve the psychological status of vulnerable groups (particularly adolescents), but also significantly reduce the total number of suicides. This conclusion was made by scientists from the University of News South Wales (Australia), who studied the effects of antidepressants on various health indicators. The scientists, led by Dr. Andrew manta rays compared the number of visits to doctors about depressive mental disorders and suicides in the period from 1991 to 2000 (it was in the beginning of 1990-ies on the pharmaceutical market appeared antidepressants from the group of inhibitors of serotonin reuptake, in particular prozac, which later became the leader of sales). As it turned out, both of the studied index was inversely correlated with the number of prescriptions of antidepressants, especially bright this correlation was evident among adolescent patients. "As soon as the doctors were convinced that modern antidepressants are virtually no side effects and can be used without serious risk of addiction, the situation began to improve, said in an interview with Reuters doctor manta rays. Читать полностью -->

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