Stress can cause the development of cancer

Stress can cause the development of cancerUnfortunately, stress as a factor that may increase the risk of cancer, poorly understood. However, scientists believe that it may double the risk of endometrial cancer. Experts from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center study was conducted in which the studied monkeys with postmenopausal contained groups with the corresponding hierarchy. Animals that were on the lowest social level, more likely to experience stress, they often mentioned cardio-vascular disorders, and the levels of stress hormones was increased. During the study of cell proliferation them endometrium and the number of receptors for sex hormones have been shown a twofold increase in the risk of endometrial cancer. Unfortunately, to carry out such research in humans it is impossible, as those with low socio-economic status are outside the field of view of the health system. Читать полностью -->

Novgorod teenagers poisoned hallucinogenic mushrooms

Novgorod teenagers poisoned hallucinogenic mushroomsIn the town of Demyansk Novgorod oblast teenagers were poisoned by mushrooms hallucinogene. According to information from the Demyansk Central district hospital on Thursday with signs of poisoning moderate severity were delivered four teenagers. The boy is 14 years old never had a Demyansk doctors any fears and left it in the Demyansk hospital. Three other teenagers promptly transported in the Novgorod regional clinical hospital. At the moment these children, whose age is 15-16 years old, are in Novgorod under the supervision of a physician, toxicologist. According to the children themselves, the cause of poisoning were the so-called mushroom-halucinogenic. Читать полностью -->

Urogenital chlamydia

Urogenital chlamydiaOr urogenital Chlamydia is a common disease. The disease affects all: both men and women. The cause of the illness is a unique bacterium CHLAMYDIA specific antibody in the sample (serovars D - K). The uniqueness of bacteria is that it is multifaceted. Having one form of the agent of the sexually transmitted diseases can live and actively multiply inside the human body, in other news "solitary" life in the environment. In addition to these, there are transitional forms. Читать полностью -->

Ireland fixed "mad cow disease" in humans

Ireland fixed Ireland's first reported human case of "mad cow disease". This was announced on Wednesday, November 10, Dr. one of the hospitals in Dublin where is the young man who has been given such a diagnosis. According to doctors, "the patient will take a few surveys, however, the diagnosis is unlikely to change". The patient had never done a blood transfusion, so most likely he got "mad cow disease" as a result of eating contaminated meat, said the doctor. "Mad cow disease" also known as the disease of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or spongiform encephalopathy. Читать полностью -->

Appeared apparatus detects the state of a person during sleep

Appeared apparatus detects the state of a person during sleepAppeared apparatus detects the state of a person during sleep In Japan, there is "sleeping recorder" - a device that captures the state of a sleeping person. Household similar to "black boxes" created by the Corporation Sanyo, is a thin, elastic panel, which is placed under a sheet. During the night the detector continuously removes the main physical parameters immersed in the dream of the owner, and in the morning gives a detailed report on the fluctuations of heart rate, breathing, body temperature. According to the developers, from the sensitive sensors "e-litter" with a size of 10 to 60 cm will not escape even the slightest movement. The new product is designed primarily for those who suffer from restless sleep. Data detector, in particular, can be a great tool for doctors who see these patients. Читать полностью -->

Dislocations of the extremities

Dislocations of the extremitiesDislocations of the extremities occur in cases where one of the bones in trauma breaks joint bag and slipping out of the cavity of a joint. To the General signs of dislocation include violation of the General contour of the joint, the protrusion extended bones in a new place, shortening or lengthening of the limb, increasing pain, impaired movement and a sharp restriction of passive movement (i.e. movement in the joint, committed not by patients, and assistant). Any movement causes severe pain. Help: in any case do not try to set a dislocation. When vivinet one of the joints of the upper limbs, damaged limb hung on the scarf tied at the neck. Читать полностью -->

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