Skin care hands

Skin care handsSkin care hands Have You ever thought about the fact that the hands of the most industrious and the most vulnerable part of the body? It is hands have to deal with the economy at any time of the year. Every day the skin is exposed to a higher load than the skin of other parts of the body - heat, cold, solar radiation, water, contact with aggressive substances. Because of this, the skin loses it contains natural oils and moisture, disturbed its natural protective shell. The skin is unable to fully perform its protective function. But they say that the hand is determined by the true age of the woman. Do not despair, hand care does not require a lot of time and effort. Читать полностью -->


GarlicIt turns out that fresh raw garlic helps to cope with many microbes, including pathogens herpes, common cold, flu, chicken pox, skin diseases, diseases of the throat, fungi, worms and even cholera. The juice of fresh garlic can be used as an external tool or take it inside (2-3 subika, in powdered form, as an additive to salad, soup, and so on). In addition, garlic stimulates the immune system, helps the body to cope with chronic and acute illnesses. With EOI end, you can take garlic in any form. Garlic also helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. While doctors have full confidence that in this respect, the drugs are not inferior to fresh garlic. Читать полностью -->

silicon Nanoparticles help to treat cancer

silicon Nanoparticles help to treat cancerAustralian company pSivida has invented a new way to accurately dosed delivery of drugs to cancer. The drug BrachySil is injected into the tumour. It contains a drug that kills cancer cells. However, the most difficult thing in such methods of treatment - the exact dosage and gradually (over many days) release drugs directly into the body. Otherwise, the effect can be the opposite of the desired effect. BrachySil is a complex of highly porous silicon (pore size 10 atoms) nanoparticles. Читать полностью -->

Raschlenitel bodies will be sent to jail?

Raschlenitel bodies will be sent to jail?Raschlenitel bodies will be sent to jail? The infamous Professor Gunther van Hagens, which held a public autopsy during his exhibition in London, after the usual conceived was brought to civil liability law enforcement. Two officers from the Metropolitan Policy together with the usual visitors watched the segmentation of the body, after which filed a report about what is happening in Scotland Yard. Even before the event, local authorities warned the Professor about the possible consequences of this action, but despite this procedure took place, together with was filed on Gunther van Hagens. During the autopsy, which was attended by about 350 people, is Professor dismembered the body of 72-year-old German, and pulled out the internal organs, pre-Stripping the skin from the corpse. Despite the interest of the public to all events, Dr. Michael Wilkes of the British Medical Association said a public autopsy immoral and not respectful. Читать полностью -->

Estrogens treat schizophrenia

Estrogens treat schizophreniaExamination of the relationship between the level of female sex hormones and the occurrence of mental disorders in women began only in recent years. And although, according to Spanish researchers, the results of such studies still need to check, according to preliminary data, the estrogen can be helpful in the treatment of postpartum depression, as well as in the treatment of depression associated with menopause, especially developed after surgery. With regard to their use in schizophrenia, there have been several studies showing the possibility of using a similar hormonal therapy in women with schizophrenia during worsening of symptoms associated with fluctuating hormone levels during the menstrual cycle or when not curable disease. Moreover, it is possible the use of hormone replacement therapy in some women suffering from schizophrenia, in postmenopausal women. The study is published in the journal Actas Esp Psiquiatr, 2003.. . Читать полностью -->

Spirometer SPIROVIT SP-

Spirometer SPIROVIT SP-Portable; measured parameters: VC FVC MB MMB; analysis before and after medicale; large LCD display; formation and registration of the full report on the thermal paper; a memory 400 measurements. Highly spirometer in the form of a laptop. Manufacturer: Schiller Country: Switzerland Price: Euro 4893.0 The field of medicine: functional diagnostics Devices Spirometer SP-10 - this device is intended for research of function of external respiration. Equipped with pneumothoracies: SP-150, SP-110, SP-20 (optional), calibration pump is plugged in and built-in rechargeable batteries, memory more than 400 tests, has a built-in printer, weight 4,6 kg Design of a portable computer Large LCD display for presentation loop "flow-volume" in real time Alphanumeric keyboard Pre/postmedication high-flow tests,SVC, MV and MVV Automatic setting standards According to ATS standards, NIOSH, OSHA, and social security RS-232 interface for data transmission to PC suitable for a consistent comparison of results. . . Читать полностью -->

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