In Russia, every sixth woman can not have children

In Russia, every sixth woman can not have childrenIn Russia, the maternal mortality rate 3 times higher than in any of the countries of the West. And only one in ten women of childbearing age can be considered completely healthy. The state does not allocate the necessary funds for the development of programmes to improve the demographic situation. These findings were announced by scientists at a press conference dedicated to the world population day. Another important issue that attracts the attention of the public, doctors, infertility. Today in Russia every sixth woman for one reason or another can't have children. Читать полностью -->

medical examination returns

medical examination returnsAt the next plenary session, which will take place on Wednesday, the state Duma will consider in the second reading the draft law "On the budget of social insurance Fund for 2006. In revising the document, the parliamentary majority has made a substantial increase of current income and expenditures of this Fund - 26.8 billion and 27.5 billion, respectively. In addition, the document provides for the establishment of two new social programs - screening of the working population and the introduction of a "birth certificate". As explained Стране.Ru the Chairman of the permanent Committee of the Duma Deputy Andrei Isayev, the implementation of two new social programs would cost about $ 17.5 billion rubles "stock of money". "First of all, we are talking about the clinical examination of the working population, for these purposes will be spent over 9 billion rubles", - said the head of the Committee. According to him, a survey for the presence of chronic diseases will be stretched to two or three years. Читать полностью -->

SARS changes the composition of human blood

SARS changes the composition of human bloodGroup Hong Kong scientists have published the results of observation of patients undergoing atypical pneumonia, and was first identified and summarized the changes that can be detected with the disease in the General blood analysis, biochemical analysis and coagulogram v analysis, describing the state of the blood coagulation system. They compiled data on 64 men and 93 women who were treated at the Hospital Prince of Wales in Hong Kong. For the study were selected from patients with SARS who have not previously diagnosed with any diseases of the blood. Blood tests were performed daily until three days after the fever. Moreover, we have analyzed the results of the autopsies. It turned out that the most typical changes include lymphopenia (reduction in the number of lymphocytes), which was observed in 98 percent of patients, neutrophilia (increased neutrophils) v at 82 percent, thrombocytopenia (decrease in platelets) v at 55 percent, followed by thrombocytosis (49 percent) increase in APTT (activated partial thromboplastin time) is 63 percent. Читать полностью -->

Junket at the edge of the

Junket at the edge of theJunket at the edge of the *162r*In nice Sunny day to take a walk on the nature of food, drinks, a crowd of relatives, friends and, of course, children. In the civilized world such an event is called a picnic. What, in fact, associations do we have a picnic? The aesthetes, surely, is a painting of Edouard Manet's "luncheon on the grass", or even English lawn, tartan plaid, baskets of food, girls in white dresses playing rounders... the common people - the nearest suburban grove with questionable purity of the water, smoked BBQ and music blasting from the speakers "Lada"? The first is unattainable, and the second went and unaesthetic. How to make the picnic a fun holiday that he remembered not only for adults but also for children? The success of the event, first of all, depends on the time, weather and venue. Now, on the horizon You have free weekend looming, the car on the go, the weather promises to be warm and Sunny. Читать полностью -->

The woman was pregnant years!

The woman was pregnant  years!The woman was pregnant... 46 years! 75-year-old Moroccan wore a dead fetus weighing about 4 kg over 46 years. Bud turned to stone and was in a sort of "cocoon" of lime, produced by the mother's body. Abdominal pregnancy, transferred this patient, is a form of ectopic pregnancy. It is characterized by the fact that the fertilized egg develops outside of the uterus and into the abdominal cavity. Such pregnancies are often accompanied by hypoplasia of the fetus and the frequent deaths of both mother and child. Читать полностью -->

Healthy schoolchildren almost gone

Healthy schoolchildren almost goneOnly five percent of students and schoolchildren in Russia can be called absolutely healthy. On Wednesday this was stated by Director of the Russian scientific center for restorative medicine and balneology Alexander Razumov. According to him, health 65 percent of students should be recognized as "unsatisfactory". The remaining 30 percent have average health. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted in several regions of the country. Razumov explains the situation to economic reasons. Читать полностью -->

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