Irkutsk scientists invented antiseptic that has no analogues in the world

Irkutsk scientists invented antiseptic that has no analogues in the worldIrkutsk scientists invented a unique product called "Metropol. Unlike conventional antiseptics, back protects an open wound from infection up to two days. According to the developers, in Oncology, veterinary medicine, maxillofacial surgery, if there is purulent infections the drug shows amazing results and is simply irreplaceable. However, to practice the invention will not start soon. The drug has yet to be a final series of experiments and tests on rodents. "Virtual Irkutsk". Читать полностью -->

In the fall of hair thinning

In the fall of hair thinningIn the fall of hair thinning In the cold season hair grow slower. And require constant attention and care. Most often in the autumn of our hair suffers from two main problems - intensive loss and enhance education dandruff. The dermatologist and trichologist (specialist in diseases of the hair) Elena Ilchenko said: the reason that the hair is "showered" in the season of colds, are often transferred inflammatory diseases - influenza, colds, sore throat. Weakened General condition of the body, the hair follicles too weak. All the forces of the body thrown on the fight against infection, and hair just do not "get" useful substances. Читать полностью -->

Children will be treated horseback riding

Children will be treated horseback ridingChildren will be treated horseback riding In Estonia promote the treatment of horseback riding. Trust Fund the children's clinic of Tartu University on Tuesday started a charity campaign in support of hipotherapy. The goal of the campaign ? to raise funds for development in the clinic of Tartu University of hipotherapy, said head of children's Foundation clinic Piret Roos. Hipotherapy recognized worldwide as an excellent means of treatment that can help social adaptation of children with communication problems. In addition, hypotherapy useful for patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Source:DELFI and Madlena.Ru. Читать полностью -->

Criminal abortion

Criminal abortionHundreds of thousands of years ago people found the mind and is raised above the animal world. Cognitive abilities have led to the fact that people thought about a birth control, that it was invented abortion is a relatively simple way to get rid of the love comfort. Until the early 20th century, all forms of abortion were banned. In the era of our grandparents abortion produced in medical institutions, were legalized, and those which were produced actually pregnant women, quacks and doctors out of the medical establishment remained outside the law. From the point of view of modern Russian legislation criminal (illegal) considered abortion made by a person without medical certificate in the specialty "obstetrician-gynecologist". I.e. Читать полностью -->

The acid-alkaline balance and rules of healthy nutrition

The acid-alkaline balance and rules of healthy nutritionIn order for the body to function properly, it must be supported acid-base balance, even desirable slightly alkaline environment (it contributes to the normal metabolism in the body. What does it depend on? Food during processing in the gastrointestinal tract splits neutral connection, weak acids and alkalis. Part of their rapidly destroyed and eliminated from the body, and the remaining oxidizing have or exert alkaline effect on the state of the internal environment of the body. Foods on this principle are divided into "acid", "alkaline", "neutral". The alkalization of the internal environment of the body contribute primarily vegetables, fruits, milk. The most strong oxidant are meat and fish products. Читать полностью -->

New drug may help people quit Smoking and lose weight

New drug may help people quit Smoking and lose weightNew drug may help people quit Smoking and lose weight It is this effect promising scientists from the University of Cincinnati. They believe that in a year or two will be able to deal a double blow on these two factors that most often lead to death, especially if they act together. Meanwhile, it is against the background of such statistics in the United States on the eve of the government began a campaign for a healthy lifestyle. The new pill, passing the last round of testing shows good results in the fight against the two social diseases-killers by helping people to stop Smoking and lose weight. The drug works in a fundamentally new way, blocking at the level of brain activity, for example, the need to smoke a cigarette. Temporarily blocks the body's ability to receive signals about hunger and the need for tobacco that can help to normalize the overly stimulated system. Читать полностью -->

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