Handbook nurses

Handbook nursesThis section provides the basic symptoms and principles of treatment of diseases of various profiles, recommendations for care. The manual includes a description of surgical, medical, infectious, baby, skin, nervous and mental diseases, tuberculosis. Presents information on basic obstetric conditions, care for pregnant and parturient women, for help genealogicheskim patients. As described technique of basic medical and diagnostic procedures that are sick in hospitals. Detailed methods of care for urgent conditions and methods of pre-hospital resuscitation. CD "Great medical encyclopedia. Читать полностью -->

The cause of typhoid in Dagestan - poor quality of drinking water

The cause of typhoid in Dagestan - poor quality of drinking waterThe cause of typhoid in Dagestan - poor quality of drinking water Outbreak of typhoid fever in the village of Orta was Suleiman stalkage district as finally established by the specialists of the Center of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision of Dagestan, caused by infection in the source of drinking water. This was stated by chief state sanitary doctor of the Republic of Eleanor Marieva. To prevent the spread of the disease, a localized area of its occurrence. As a measure of prevention to the population Orta was given a special protivovirusnoj-typhoid drug "Phage". The cause of the infection water was the lack of chlorination. Made this negligence will be attracted by the SES service to justice, according to ITAR-TASS. Читать полностью -->

Wine will neutralize the nicotine

Wine will neutralize the nicotineAccording to Greek scholars, red wine will neutralize the negative effects of nicotine on the body. To neutralize the harm one cigarette requires two glasses of wine. The researchers found in red wine, a substance having anti-inflammatory effect. The Daily Telegraph. . . Читать полностью -->

Your age up to years

Your age up to  yearsNow you have the age, when there is no pain and no special health problems, you are full of energy and enthusiasm. And this is the best age for a woman to think about the importance of health, because you have the greatest value, referred to as health. Depends on you will save if you have this gift, protect ourselves from harmful environmental factors such as exhaust gases, radioactive emissions, agricultural chemicals, etc.), the effects are not always correct lifestyle (Smoking, cravings for sweets and so on), balances if its not always proper nutrition, will generally monitor their health and their appearance. It all depends on you, because the opportunities are there and you can take advantage of them. Below are some information and facts that are useful to know and to take into account at this age. The nature of the food we consume among other things, determines also the degree of destruction of bone tissue. Читать полностью -->


DiarrheaDiarrhea is frequent, liquid and abundant chair. It is dangerous sharp dehydration. The cause of diarrhea may be infections of the digestive tract, worms, poor diet, emotional stress, poisoning by drugs, a dysbacteriosis of an intestine. You should pay attention to the frequency of the chair, his smell (sour, putrid), color (gray, white), impurity of blood. Allergy to cow's milk: 1-2% of children found an allergic reaction to cow's milk. It is manifested by vomiting, chronic diarrhea, abdominal colic, rashes, runny nose and slow growth. Читать полностью -->

The Japanese secured the glory of centenarians

The Japanese secured the glory of centenariansThe Japanese secured the glory of centenarians The Ministry of health of Japan has published an annual report on the life expectancy of Japanese citizens. According to this document, Japanese women live on average 84,93 year, and men 78,07 years. Thus, compared to the last year, Japanese women are living longer 0.33 year, the Japanese - 0.35 years. 75.3% of Japanese women live to 80 years, 53.5% of men can say the same thing. To 88 years living about every other Japanese. Thus, Japanese women continue to occupy the first place in the world among the inhabitant, the Japanese - second place among centenarians. Читать полностью -->

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