Nicotine adversely affects the learning process

Nicotine adversely affects the learning processNicotine adversely affects the learning process French scientists within six weeks daily was administered to rats weak solution of nicotine. Subsequently, the "smokers" in rats by 50% decreased the number of neurons generated in the area of hippocampus - part of the brain that is involved in the process of remembering. Simultaneously, in the same part of the Central nervous system has lost a lot of cells. It is not clear exactly how nicotine kills the neurons. Earlier studies show that contained in tobacco smoke the venom can trigger the apoptosis is a cell suicide in young, immature neurons. According to French scientists, cell death can occur not only mediated but also other parts of the brain. Читать полностью -->

Friends from enemies separate genes

Friends from enemies separate genesThe impression of the appearance of a person depends on how he is perceived - as a friend or as an enemy (or just "detractors"). And Vice versa - the man with pleasant or friend appearance it is easier to perceive as a friend. This is the conclusion of psychologists from the University of macmasters in Canada. As shown they carried out experiments in which scientists have modeled different ways of communication and interaction of people, people are more inclined to "perceive" the interlocutor as a friend or partner if his face resembles the face of their good friends. And Vice versa - the faces of people with whom participants interacted as "partners" or "friends", is perceived as "cute" and "similar". Interestingly, scientists believe that at the heart of this phenomenon are not features of human psychology, and... Читать полностью -->

facilities Kuban will help Crimea "deal with avian influenza

facilities Kuban will help Crimea Avian influenza has long "walks" around Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States and some regions of Russia. A few weeks ago foci of its distribution found in Ukraine. Today is a dangerous virus detected in several settlements of the Crimea, neighboring Krasnodar region. According to experts, the South of Russia, including Krasnodar region, this winter may be the center of the spread of a deadly virus. The greatest risk are wintering habitat for wild birds. From them at risk of catching the virus and poultry. Читать полностью -->

Woman transplanted six bodies

Woman transplanted six bodiesIn the Swedish hospital conducted a rare transplant six of donor organs. The woman, whose name is not called, the transplanted liver, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, intestines and kidneys. She got organs from a single donor. They were removed completely and stored outside the body for five hours, which, according to surgeons, a little. Transplantation was performed in the hospital Sahlgrenska (Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg (Gothenburg). This 18-hour operation was the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. Читать полностью -->

Chinese scientists were able to grow the embryo from three parents

Chinese scientists were able to grow the embryo from three parentsChinese scientists were able to create a human embryo from three parents, who for some time was developing in the womb. While three pregnancies ended in failure. The experiments are carried out at the University of sun Yat Sen in Guangzhou. As the paper explains, The Independent, the nucleus of the egg of one woman was transplanted into the shell of an egg donor. After fertilization, eggs were successfully transplanted into the body. Thus, the embryo contained the genetic material of the infertile woman and mitochondrial DNA female donor. Читать полностью -->

Surgeons changed the stomach of the patient in order to cure her from obesity

Surgeons changed the stomach of the patient in order to cure her from obesitySamara surgeons conducted the first in Russia surgery for the treatment of obesity. They did not resort to the methods of sopocachi, and with the help of a scalpel "converted" the internal organs of one of the "experimental" patients - 19-year-old Natalia. During surgery, her stomach was 90% were excluded from the process of digestion. While the details of his method, the surgeons were not disclosed. However, after a few days the girl noticed significant results. So far, I weighed 120 pounds, " says Natasha, - I tried the pills and dietary supplements are all useless. Читать полностью -->

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