Americans suspect a leak biological weapons in the Volga region

Americans suspect a leak biological weapons in the Volga regionOutbreak of tularemia in the Volga region may be associated with leakage of biological weapons. This version made on the Agency's website RNH News. Journalists of the Agency suggest that the leak infection most likely occurred from the laboratory, which is still engaged in military development. Their assumptions are based on the fact that in the region where there is the outbreak of the disease there are several objects, which in Soviet times was involved in the creation of dangerous bacteria. Note that tularemia is a rare and serious disease, considered as a possible biological weapon. The signs are the lymph nodes, fever and intoxication. Читать полностью -->

Oncologists razvenchivaet the myth of sunscreens

Oncologists razvenchivaet the myth of sunscreensNew research, presented at the conference of American oncologists in Anaheim, California, questioned the fundamental medical dogma about the need to protect the skin from the sun's rays sunscreen. It turned out that these creams, on the contrary, increases cancer mortality, not reduce it. The fact that the sun's rays stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D, which prevents lymphoma, and cancers of the prostate, lung, intestines, and even skin cancer. So although a lot of sun and harmful to the skin, lack of sunlight is even more dangerous to humans. According to a study by Professor Edward Giovannucci from Harvard, made a special report to the California conference of oncologists, "sunshine" vitamin D helps prevent 30 deaths, compared with one death from possible skin cancer. Report of the Professor made such an impression on the chief epidemiologist, American Cancer Society Dr. Читать полностью -->


UrethritisURETHRITIS - an inflammatory disease of the wall of the urethra. There are gonorrheal and degeneracy urethritis. The latter can be infectious and noninfectious. Non-infectious urethritis occurs when the damage to the urethra during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (traumatic urethritis), as a reaction to the food and drug allergens (allergic), disorders of metabolism (phosphaturia, oxaluria, diabetes). Congestive urethritis occurs as a result of venous congestion in prostatovesiculitis vascular network. There are front, rear and total urethritis. Читать полностью -->

Birch rid of thrush

Birch rid of thrushBirch rid of thrush 10g dried sprout to pour a glass of hot water, boil for 15 minutes, filtered and adjusted to 200 ml is Used for inflammation of the gums, stomatitis, glossitis. Another recipe: birch leaves (2 parts), Burnet (rhizomes) - 3 parts, Highlander procesului (grass) 3 parts), flax (seeds)-4 part. 3 the table. spoon mixture pour 1 liter of boiled water to cool, filter. Apply 2 tbsp. 7 times a day.. Читать полностью -->

Skin care hands

Skin care handsSkin care hands Have You ever thought about the fact that the hands of the most industrious and the most vulnerable part of the body? It is hands have to deal with the economy at any time of the year. Every day the skin is exposed to a higher load than the skin of other parts of the body - heat, cold, solar radiation, water, contact with aggressive substances. Because of this, the skin loses it contains natural oils and moisture, disturbed its natural protective shell. The skin is unable to fully perform its protective function. But they say that the hand is determined by the true age of the woman. Do not despair, hand care does not require a lot of time and effort. Читать полностью -->

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