Multiple sclerosis can be transmitted

Multiple sclerosis can be transmittedMultiple sclerosis can be transmitted Multiple sclerosis, which in the UK suffer from 85 thousand people, perhaps, is an infectious sexually transmitted disease. This is indicated by the results of a recent study. Data on the prevalence of this disease in different countries indicate that it is more common where sexual promiscuity treated more favorably, and there where a lot of young men, for example, in military operations. Multiple sclerosis has become more common in young, sexually active people, writes the Independent. A study by Danish scientists, showed that the incidence has increased since the introduction of the sale of birth control pills, resulting in a women stopped using mechanical means of contraception. For its part, the American experts found that six years after the advent of the contraceptive pill, the incidence of multiple sclerosis has doubled. Читать полностью -->

Diabetics banned from driving

Diabetics banned from drivingDiabetics banned from driving From 1 November this year, all patients with diabetes who need to take insulin, it is forbidden to obtain a driver's license. Writes about this on Tuesday, the newspaper Diena. This disease as a medical contraindications listed in government regulations health check people wishing to qualify as a driver. Specific norm that the Latvian diabetes Association considers to be discriminatory, developed by the Ministry of welfare. Restrictions existed and still, while diabetes patients could not obtain professional licenses and control, for example, public transport. Now they will be forbidden to drive any transport, said Vice-President of the Latvian Association of diabetes endocrinologist Ingvars Race. Читать полностью -->

Scientists have calculated how much human life

Scientists have calculated how much human lifeThe assertion that human life is priceless - no more than a populist language. Actually the price is, moreover, quite impressive. Analyzing data on illegal trade in human organs, about the price of transplants and some medical rehabilitation technologies, the German weekly Focus came to the theoretical conclusion that the human body is worth 45 million dollars. Yes, theoretically, it is more expensive than Beckham. However, in real life people may not be worth it, but be profitable to others. "They are well aware of pharmaceutical companies conducting illegal experiments with drugs in Africa". Читать полностью -->


LiposuctionThe essence of the operation is a surgical correction of the contours of the body by removing fat deposits. Using vacuum suction through a small skin incisions remove local fat deposits. Readings Local forms of obesity in violation of the contours of the body (most often in women occurs "California" deformation thighs, fat deposits on the inner lateral surface of the knee joint, fat in the thigh, anterior and lateral surfaces of the abdomen). Generalized forms of obesity. When conservative methods of treatment (diet, drug therapy, fitness and others) is a serial liposuction in order to eliminate not only the elimination of violations of the contours of the body, but also to reduce the body weight of the patient. Usually the effect is always improved when combined treatment is the use of liposuction, diet, and fitness. Читать полностью -->

Woman accidentally gave aborted her fetus

Woman accidentally gave aborted her fetusIn English the hospital mistakenly gave the woman together with things aborted her fetus. Nurse at Manchester Royal infirmary (Manchester Royal Infirmary) found that in a plastic bag that says "property of the patient", is the clothing 22-year-old patient who was admitted to the hospital due to the beginning of a miscarriage. The young woman didn't even know she was pregnant until she started spontaneous abortion. The period of her pregnancy by the time was 8 weeks. After a miscarriage a woman wanted to transfer to another institution - St. Mary's hospital (St Mary's Hospital), in connection with which it had issued personal belongings. Читать полностью -->

Massage in some diseases

Massage in some diseasesCosmetic massage in some diseases of the scalp When dry oily The result of improper care of hair and scalp is dry seborrhea. In this disease there is hair breakage, they lose their Shine and silkiness. Often hair loss is as a result of dry seborrhea. Sometimes on the surface of the scalp scurf, which is a lot of white dry flakes. The treatment prescribed by the doctor can be combined with massage of the scalp. In the preparatory phase should be performed parting: it is necessary to make the ridge, gradually moving from the center of the forehead to the nape, and then proceed directly to the massage techniques. Читать полностью -->

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