Ministry of health recognized the priority of preventive medicine

Ministry of health recognized the priority of preventive medicineIn the Russian system of health should pay more attention to preventive work among the population. Prevention has always been a major part of the health of our population, and this principle today, we must develop more actively," he said on the opened today in Moscow the 12th international conference of the world health organization's Contribution to health for the future", the first Deputy Minister of health and social development of the Russian Federation Vladimir Starodubov. Starodubov believes that the leading role here must belong to the medical staff middle managers. The Deputy Minister said that a person should always remember that his own health and the health of its children depends on the lifestyle that he leads. The Deputy Minister said that in a Russian hospital annually about 25 million patients, and the average stay in hospital is about two weeks. "To reduce this amount and timing we have large reserves," said Starodubov. Читать полностью -->

get Rid of vision problems will help gel the lens

get Rid of vision problems will help gel the lensSoon scientists will begin testing a new method for correction of age-related vision deterioration. A new method, which involves replacing the content of the crystalline lens of the eye soft polymer gel that will allow millions of people to throw glasses. "First, we believe this method could be used as an aid in the surgical treatment of cataracts," says Arthur Ho from the University of New South Wales, one of the leading specialists governmental organizations Vision Cooperative Research Centre (Vision CRC), which has been working in this direction. But as soon as it is proved to be safe and effective it will be used to help young people who need reading glasses". In the human eye focusing lens is due to the change of its shape. When the eye muscles are relaxed, the lens becomes flat, and come in sight of the distant objects. Читать полностью -->

When men grow old

When men grow oldWhen men grow old *204r*Sensation! Many representatives of the stronger sex, reaching 45-60 years, experiencing the same as women, unpleasant symptoms: irritability, emotional instability, tendency to depression, tides blood to a person, libido decrease. Men, too, is the climax, came to the conclusion some scholars. Sensation! Male climax in nature do not exist. And this conclusion other professionals. For example, Professor Eberhard Nislog from Germany says: "Male menopause invented manufacturers of artificial hormones. They intimidate men, so they bought their products!". Читать полностью -->

Preliminary massage

Preliminary massageThis type of massage is applied directly to the load. Its purpose is to assist the athlete before training to increase the functional capacity of the organism before competing. Pre-sports massage consists of several subtypes, each of which performs a specific task and has its own method: 1. Warm-up massage. 2. Massage in the pre-start state (tonic and soothing). Читать полностью -->

SARS in China has not yet even reached its peak

SARS in China has not yet even reached its peakThe head of the world health organization, Gro Harlem Brundtland stated that the epidemic of atypical pneumonia has ended in Vietnam and went on the decline in Canada, but in China it has not yet reached its peak. In Beijing officially announced, what a day in the country registered a total of 138 cases of atypical pneumonia, 8 patients died. Until now it was believed that SARS often ill older people with poor health. At the Beijing medical different, almost shocking statistics. Now in the Chinese capital 70% infected in age from 20 to 50 years. This means that the deadly virus is a new goal: he chooses the socially active part of the population. Читать полностью -->

Rectal fistula

Rectal fistulaRECTAL FISTULA - abnormal passages formed in the wall of the rectum, usually in morganievyh crypts, and ending up in paraproctium (incomplete internal) or more open to the skin around the anus (full outdoor). The pathogenesis. After spontaneous or surgical opening paraproctitis message rectum is maintained due to the constant infection and scar-affected tissues around the hole in the lining of the rectum (in the crypt). The symptoms for. With full external fistula on the skin around the anus or on the buttocks exhibit one or more pin holes to seal the tissue around and continuous or intermittent separation of mucus or pus and maceration of the surrounding skin. Digital examination of the rectum allows you to define a funnel-shaped hole in one of the crypts (internal opening of the fistula). Читать полностью -->

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