Military space technology will help women in treatment for breast cancer

Military space technology will help women in treatment for breast cancerAs shown by the history of human development, most of the discoveries made by man, were primarily military, and then the peaceful use. A new study by researchers from the University of California (Los Angeles, USA) only confirms this assertion. According to their data, the directed beam of microwave radiation developed by the military to intercept nuclear missiles (in the framework of "star wars"), can be used to kill cancer cells, as the latter are more sensitive to heat than healthy cells. To ensure the correctness of their theory, the researchers used a focused microwave radiation for the treatment of 25 women diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment, the doctors noted the successful destruction of cancerous tumors in 24 patients. Side effects of microwave therapy were mainly represented by redness and pain, but one of the patients had received serious burns, which subsequently formed scars. Читать полностью -->

Dental fillings are a thing of the past

Dental fillings are a thing of the pastDental fillings are a thing of the past Perhaps in the coming years, future dentists don't have to learn hundreds of types of materials used for the manufacture of dental fillings in replacement of artificial teeth will come grown from stem cells. This assumption is based on the results of the experiments to create the rudiments of teeth from cell cultures, carried out by English scientists. Researchers from the Department of craniofacial surgery Royal College of medicine of London managed to grow from stem cells of the mouse is a real tooth, embodying all that is necessary for normal growth and development patterns - dentin, enamel, blood vessels and nerves. According to scientists, the implantation of such a tooth nerve fibers and blood vessels will grow together with the corresponding tissues in the gums, then the tooth will begin to grow and eventually become indistinguishable from the natural teeth of the patient. It should be noted that in order to "teeth of tubes" became a reality, it took several years of hard work of several research teams. So, two years ago, scientists from the U.S. Читать полностью -->

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