do I Need to treat AIDS?

do I Need to treat AIDS?European doctors are concerned about the increasing resistance of the causative agent of AIDS in relation to existing antiviral drugs. As we learned from the report of the Dutch researcher David van de Waver at the international conference on AIDS in Paris, resistance occurs at least 10 percent of newly identified HIV-infected. The only way out of the situation Waver thinks constantly working to create new drugs. As reported at the conference by another researcher - GeoIP lang (Joep Lange, President of the international society for AIDS - resistance to existing drugs is no excuse not to use them. According to him, it is necessary to maintain the interest of pharmaceutical companies in the development of new tools to "catch up" for mutations of the AIDS virus. Vaccine against AIDS has not yet been established, and many Immunostimulants only contribute to the development of the disease. Читать полностью -->

Ten questions about diet

Ten questions about dietTen questions about diet 1. How much should weigh the woman's? There are several methods to calculate your ideal weight. The first, now, according to doctors and women, outdated, was proposed a century ago by the French physician Paul Brock. The formula is simple - from the growth in centimeters minus 100 and it turns out right this growth weight in kilograms. However, this form does not account for individual differences in body structure (long legs, big bones, athletic build). It was later proposed a BMI (Booby-Mass-Index). Читать полностью -->

Disorders of lipid metabolism statins reduce the levels of C-reactive protein

Disorders of lipid metabolism statins reduce the levels of C-reactive proteinDisorders of lipid metabolism statins reduce the levels of C-reactive protein Previously it was demonstrated that statins can reduce the concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) in patients with normo - or hypercholesterolemia. However, it was not known, is there a similar effect with hypertriglyceridemia and normal/increased concentration of cholesterol low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Dr. Michele Mercuri and his colleagues at Merck Research Laboratories (Rahway, NJ) studied the effects of simvastatin in 130 patients with combined hyperlipidemia and 195 patients with hypertriglyceridemia. The results of these double-blind placebo-controlled studies published in the November issue of the American Journal of Cardiology. The source levels of LDL and cholesterol in high density lipoprotein (HDL cholesterol), but not triglycerides, weakly correlated with baseline CRP concentrations. Читать полностью -->

Silicone brain will help science

Silicone brain will help scienceOn the background of the conflict between the scientists and the French government experience Steve Olivier from the University of Manchester looks especially impressive: with family British colleagues, he created a robot that can advance scientific hypotheses, experiments, and then to compare the results obtained with these hypotheses and to propose new ones. In short, the robot scientist who will never rebel against his Minister. "The idea is to create a computer model and to provide it with all knowledge," says Steve Olivier. His car was already able to find out the functions of the various genes of the yeast fungus. "We have compared the results with the work of real scientists in terms of speed and cost of the materials used. It turned out, the robot does everything better than the man". Читать полностью -->

the Rind from the watermelon helps fight hypertension

 the Rind from the watermelon helps fight hypertensionKuwaiti Professor and specialist in nutrition Abdalla Hashim advises everyone not to rush to throw watermelon rinds. He argues that it is the rind of watermelons helps fight hypertension and heart disease and kidney failure. "Cores" and suffering from renal failure people Professor advises to cut with watermelon peel and boil it for five minutes. Then only three times a day to drink a tablespoon of the resulting tincture, and after a month the result was not slow to affect. NTV. . Читать полностью -->

Rabies in animals

Rabies in animalsRabies in animals Rabies is an acute viral disease common in wild animals - wolves, foxes, jackals, and foxes and rats. Of Pets, they can get sick dogs, cats, cows, horses, sheep, pigs. More than 80% of cases of rabies comes from the dogs. Rabies is transmitted to humans by the bite or saliva on the broken bone integuments and mucous membranes. The causative agent of rabies virus that has penetrated into the animal or human body, affects the Central nervous system and salivary glands and adrenal glands. The disease begins after 3-6 weeks after infection. Читать полностью -->

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