Main sanvrach Moscow has criticized plans epidemiologists

Main sanvrach Moscow has criticized plans epidemiologistsThe chief sanitary doctor of Moscow Nikolay Filatov criticized the proposal for universal vaccination of the population of Moscow against influenza, put forward a number of leading Russian epidemiologists. According to Filatov, in order to slow or even stop the spread of the flu should be vaccinated only so-called risk groups of people, for one reason or another, the most susceptible. And which are now active promotion of mass vaccination, which is supported, for example, representatives of the research Institute of vaccines and sera, Mechnikov or some representatives of regional departments of health, aimed, according to Filatov, primarily to increase the profits of the company "Aventis Pasteur, supplying the Russian market with the flu vaccine. KM.RU: Health. . . Читать полностью -->

Vaccination against seasonal flu can protect and bird

Vaccination against seasonal flu can protect and birdAccording to the Director of the research Institute of influenza, Russian Academy of medical Sciences Oleg Kiselev, vaccination against influenza And the common vaccines can help prevent the spread of avian influenza among humans: "the less we will be sick with the flu, the less likely the "humanization" of avian influenza. Of course, the problem of cross-immunity exists. However, vaccination is necessary. Another question, how and to what extent it will affect the human body resistance to avian influenza virus," added the Director of the research Institute of influenza. He also noted that currently, the world health organization and the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation adopted a decision on temporary finalization of the vaccine against avian influenza. Грипп.RU. Читать полностью -->

Magnetic storms kill more people than car accidents

Magnetic storms kill more people than car accidentsDuring magnetic storms twice increases the number of heart attacks and strokes, acute cardiovascular disease. To feel worse and can absolutely healthy person. Because magnetic storm - and even stress. According to experts, may 2003, their efforts yielded only one may - 1952. Scientists say this with confidence: the geomagnetic measurements have been conducted since the mid-nineteenth century. The source of life and troubles As a rule, from all months, one of the most abnormal is may. Читать полностью -->

one Third of Russians die from coronary heart disease

one Third of Russians die from coronary heart diseaseIn Russia in the overall structure of mortality in the proportion of coronary heart disease accounts for 30%. These data led to the press conference, the President of the Russian scientific society of cardiologists Rafael Oganov. He also noted that cardiovascular diseases are still the cause of N1 mortality. "Moreover, in developed countries this trend has been steadily declining, and we have in recent times has sharp spikes in the number of deaths from this disease increases," said Oganov. In his opinion, this is due to political and economic changes in society. Scientific studies have also shown that among men of working age, the number of deaths related to cardiovascular disease, much higher than in women. Читать полностью -->

USA man implanted "smart" prosthetic hands

USA man implanted American scientists were able to successfully implant the prosthetic hands of the person who manages it by using thoughts. Two years ago, 56-year-old Jesse Sullivan lost both hands on his shoulders, when he touched them to the high-voltage power lines. Specialists of Chicago rehabilitation Institute implanted him in one normal shoulder prosthesis, for implantation another used one of the latest achievements of biomechanical technology. To do this, doctors transplanted a portion of the nerve cells of the shoulder of the patient in the muscles of the chest and attached to him electrodes, which perceive the impulses of nerves formed by the thought of a man, and transmit them to the system controlling movement of the prosthesis. The human brain is quite capable of adapting to such changes. Previously electrodes was used directly in the brain or even placed on a special panel, however, the new method gives better results. Читать полностью -->

Japanese scientists have learned to deal with baldness

Japanese scientists have learned to deal with baldnessJapanese scientists have learned to deal with baldness A major breakthrough was achieved by Japanese scientists in the fight against baldness. Researchers from Hiroshima University report that they have found a way to "extend the life of hair", or rather cells, of which they are composed. The growth of the hair lasts as long as these cells retain the ability to divide. However, with age, this function is gradually weakened, and some stops at all, and that leads to baldness. The programmed cell death, and the role of molecular chronometer" counting down the time of their life, does the tail part of the chromosomes - the telomeres. Than they are shorter, the closer genetic cell death and wider thinned plot on top. Читать полностью -->

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