Scarlet fever

Scarlet feverScarlet fever is an acute droplets antropos, primarily affecting children under 10 years of age; characterized by fever, General intoxication, sore throat, and petechial rash. The incidence increases in the autumn and winter months. Etiology, pathogenesis. The disease is caused by beta-hemolytic toxigenic group a Streptococcus-colonizes the nasopharynx, less skin, causing local inflammatory changes (angina, regional lymphadenitis). Exotoxin produced by them causes the symptoms of intoxication and exanthema Streptococcus under conditions favorable to microbial invasion, causing septic component, manifested lymphadenitis, otitis media, septicemia. In the development of the pathological process play an important role in allergic mechanisms involved in the origin and pathogenesis of complications in the late period of the disease. Читать полностью -->

Unknown infection causes cancer in children

Unknown infection causes cancer in childrenMany cancers in children can be caused by General, not known until the infection. This organization has a Cancer Research UK see the reason recently identified patterns. They found that different cancers often occur in groups with children of the same age in one place. This cannot be explained by chance. The study authors evaluated data on 5000 cases the diagnosis of tumors in children in the North West of England from 1954 to 2001. The number of diseases which are often met in groups of several cases of Hodgkin's disease and brain tumor astrocytoma. Читать полностью -->

Healing fragrances

Healing fragrancesHealing fragrances - the breath of life itself Few know about the treatment of scents - aromatherapy, although its origins are hidden in the mists of time. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans did not leave with serialname and incense throughout life. The basis of aromatherapy is the use of essential oils. Without exception, all essential oils have antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions. They have a positive effect on the nervous system, have strong cosmetic and dermatological virtues. 70% of essential oils remedy defects after burns and injuries, 65% have analgesic properties, 60% are erotic stimulants, 50% of the oils normalize the function and condition of the circulatory system, 40% normalize the activity of the digestive system. Читать полностью -->

Unknown disease killed children, people were hospitalized

Unknown disease killed  children,  people were hospitalizedAn unknown disease has become a cause of sudden death 42 children in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. According to a private television channel NDTV, only for the last day of counties Karimnagar and Warangal in the South-East of the country died six children. In total hospitalized 550 people. On the basis of blood tests the doctors are trying to establish the nature of this mysterious infectious disease, which is characterized by high temperature and metabolism. ITAR-TASS.. . Читать полностью -->

Herbal diet

Herbal dietHerbal diet There is a special herbal tea for weight loss, using which you can safely continue to eat all You want without worrying about dialed kilograms. Composition: BlackBerry leaves - 80 g, birch leaves - 10g., leaves mother and stepmother - 10g. The mixture is poured boiling water in a ratio of 1:20, is heated for 15 minutes in a water bath, covered, cooled and filtered. Drink one glass in the morning and before lunch. Source:m. . Читать полностью -->

How to determine skin type

How to determine skin typeHow to determine skin type For proper skin care, you must first determine the type of skin. This can be done in a beauty parlour with a cosmetologist, and you can own. Here are some tips that will help you do it right. If after pressing the fingers on the skin track for a long time does not disappear, it means your skin is dry. Dry skin - tight, thin and transparent. Sometimes it flakes and redness, it is easy to form fine lines. Читать полностью -->

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