Running improves memory

Running improves memoryJogging helps a person to concentrate and improves visual memory. This is the conclusion of German researchers from the University of Ulm. Before 30 volunteers was a task they had to make a 30-minute jog twice a week, and after the races to be a lot of fairly sophisticated tests, including answers to questions, description of things, the analysis of words and images. Having received the first results of the tests, the researchers divided the volunteers into two groups: one continued to run for another 6 weeks, and the other only took tests. Differences in results between the two groups was not large, but clearly revealed that runners make much fewer mistakes. Scientists explain this by the fact that with volunteers was higher concentration, they better remember the information. Читать полностью -->

the Parliament of the European Union spoke out against euthanasia

the Parliament of the European Union spoke out against euthanasiaThe parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted a resolution on euthanasia, speaking strongly against intentional termination of someone's life. As noted in the document, the Assembly is concerned that hospitals in some countries practiced euthanasia without compliance or bypassing the official ban on its use, and at a very large scale. PACE offers member countries of the Council of Europe to formulate and to apply the set of rules to aid incurable patients, for a long time are in critical condition. The Assembly called for wider use of supportive symptomatic treatment to alleviate the suffering of the patients, for the creation of appropriate techniques and equipment to care for the terminally ill and the use of specially trained personnel. In addition, the European parliamentarians propose to strengthen measures to prevent suicide among terminally ill. The Assembly intends to seek recognition for each patient the right to receive full information about their condition, the right to immediate acquaintance with the opinion of another independent doctor and the right to refuse the proposed treatment. Читать полностью -->

In Antarctica have found two new species of bacteria

In Antarctica have found two new species of bacteriaA group of Korean scientists led by Professor Chan hon-Sik (Chun Jong-sik) from Seoul University and Yun-Ho Sludge (Yoon Ho-il) from the Korean center for research and development of ocean reported October 10, about the discovery in the Antarctic soil two previously unknown species of aerobic bacteria, reports The Korea Times. New microorganisms registered in the International microbiological register under the names of Sejongia jeonnii and Sejongia antarctica. According to Professor Chan hon-Sik (Chun Jong-sik), is a gram-negative bacteria containing yellow pigment. Two years of research at the King Sejong Station in Antarctica, the Korean group was discovered 15 new species of bacteria, but the first two of them are included in the Microbiological registry. Found microorganisms Koreans plan to use for commercial purposes. Research center of King Sejong Station was founded in 1998 for climate research and development of potential mineral resources in the Antarctic. Читать полностью -->

Testosterone improves heart function in heart failure?

Testosterone improves heart function in heart failure?Therapy testosterone increases cardiac output in men with chronic heart failure. This is probably due to the reduction of postawski on the left ventricle, British researchers believe. Still hemodynamic effects of testosterone practically not been studied. Dr. Kevin S. Channer and his colleagues (Hospital Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield) made small in volume, placebo - controlled study in which men with stable chronic heart failure (CHF) received testosterone 60 mg/day. Читать полностью -->

Smoke from burning in the Iraq oil will kill people

Smoke from burning in the Iraq oil will kill  peopleThe smoke from the burning oil, which, allegedly, was set on fire to prevent strikes on Baghdad, is a serious concern of scientists. They believe that the harmful substances, which are formed by the incomplete combustion of petroleum products, can seriously affect the health of people in this city and the surrounding area and lead to thousands of deaths. This was discussed at the briefing of the Royal society in London, which was devoted to the effects of oil spills and fires in the course of this war. Professor Ian colbeck (Ian Colbeck) from the Department of biological Sciences University of Essex said that especially worried about particles smaller than 10 micrometers, which can easily penetrate into the lungs and can cause cancer. Mention the fact that the level of pollution in Baghdad now should greatly exceed the standards set by the world health organization, he said: "I think that will be from 1000 to 5000 deaths over time as a result of the fires." He compared life in Baghdad of being in a garage with cars, engines which operate at full capacity. James, Rodman (James Readman), Professor of biochemistry from the Plymouth marine laboratory, noted that it is especially afraid from the combustion of oil and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Читать полностью -->

Sex replaces plastic surgery, says -year-old Joan Collins

Sex replaces plastic surgery, says -year-old Joan CollinsSex replaces plastic surgery, says 69-year-old Joan Collins For 69-year-old British actress Joan Collins sex is one of the best and most inexpensive means of rejuvenation and correction of beauty. In an interview with BBC World Service famous actress, who is now in fifth marriage, said she was never a fan of plastic surgery, reports Reuters. "I think that liposuction and tightening - it's a complete nightmare, after so many health problems," said Joan. After this, the actress was awarded unflattering epithets their colleagues ("she's got a face like a doll"). "You see how they (the actress in the same age - differ from me," said Joan Collins, presenting his new book "the Way of Joan" - "Joan''s Way -- looking good, feeling great". Collins added that she always thought sex "the best and cheapest way to keep youth and beauty". Читать полностью -->

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