Ukraine In a country of thousand people with the flu

Ukraine In a country of  thousand people with the fluUkraine. In a country of 65 thousand people with the flu According to the Ministry of health, for the last day continued the trend of increasing incidence of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in all regions, however, the epidemic threshold was not exceeded. The number of patients with influenza and acute respiratory infections in Ukraine reached 65,5 thousand people. A significant increase in incidence was noted in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa and Odessa. Due to the high incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections, to reduce the intensity and occurrence of epidemic complications among the population, the decisions of local Executive bodies for an indefinite period of discontinued operation of educational institutions. According to forecasts, in the coming weeks you can expect exceeded the epidemic threshold of flu. Читать полностью -->

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweatingThe problem permanently wet armpits, wet hands or wet feet disturbs a significant number of people. Psychological discomfort from the appearance of wet spots in the typical places blouses or shirts can escalate into serious psychological problems. All state, accompanied by excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be divided into two large groups. The first is the hyperhidrosis with a known cause, such as thyroid disorders, infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, chlamydia. As soon as the main cause of the illness is resolved, the problem of excessive sweating disappears without a trace itself. The second group presents essential hyperhidrosis, the cause of which no one knows. Читать полностью -->

the Schools of the city will provide mercury-free thermometer

the Schools of the city will provide mercury-free thermometerStudents Yekaterinburg arrange "terrorist acts", not to learn. According to Lenin MCSEs in Yekaterinburg, in March in one day reported broken mercury thermometers in two schools N70 and N140. In the first case demercurization spent quite fast, so the next day danger to the health of schoolchildren was not. But in school N140 two "terrorist" acts, which have followed one after the other, in 21 times exceeded the standard mercury vapor in the air. The decision of the Leninsky MCSEs were closed two floors of the school, conducted demercurization. According to the teachers, thermometers, most likely, were defeated by students, and is not the result of negligence of the guys. Читать полностью -->

Viral encephalitides

Viral encephalitidesVIRAL ENCEPHALITIDES is a group of diseases characterized by inflammation of the brain and caused by neurotropic viruses. Etiology, pathogenesis. With the introduction of the virus arise destruction of neurons, swelling of brain tissue, arteritis and thrombosis of small vessels, proliferation of glia. Brain damage can be diffuse (encephalomyelitis), election (paleoencephalon) or local. Generally, the process involved and the meninges. Vernal (spring-summer encephalitis. Читать полностью -->

Aching legs for days will become like new

Aching legs for  days will become like newAching legs for 3 days will become like new Clear clogged blood vessels in the legs of patients with atherosclerosis literally three days began Metropolitan doctors. Staff of the city clinical hospital # 15 name O. M. Filatov recently began to apply a new technology in the treatment of the affected vessels. As reported by the "MK" in the hospital, the first signs of disease appear when a person (most often it is a male smokers 40-45 years) cannot walk long distances due to pain in the extremities and rapid onset of fatigue. Comes to the fact that a patient is not able to overcome and 50 meters. Читать полностью -->

Medication Parkinson's harmful for the heart

Medication Parkinson's harmful for the heartPharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Co. warned doctors about the pathology of the heart valve, which appeared in a small number of the patients receiving therapy with the drug Permax shown in Parkinson's disease. This was announced on 24 February (February 25, Kyiv time) Control for sanitary supervision of food and drug administration of the United States. However, the side effects are few and therapeutic effect Permax (pergolid) significant. So it was decided to limit warnings, added in the application instructions. (Reuters). Читать полностью -->

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